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New ALLU crusher launches in Australia. The new ALLU Crusher AC 5-17FD is compatible with skid steers and ideal for use in urban and semi-urban job sites where space is an issue.

Construction and Demolition waste is the third largest waste stream in Australia, behind municipal solid waste and commercial and industrial waste. While there’s growing recognition in the industry that recycling C&D waste reduces the need for virgin resources, recovery rates are still low.

The New ALLU Crusher AC 5-17FD will help improve recovery rates and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by crushing waste down to six different sizes starting at 0-15-millimetres, for the smallest fragment, up to the largest fragment of 0-75-millimetres.

On-site processing and recycling eliminates the need for off-site transportation and disposal, reducing transportation costs, landfill fees, and the need for external processing facilities.

The ALLU Crusher AC 5-17FD has long-lasting jaw plates and because there are no external parts affecting the material flow while loading, there is minimal wear and breakage. The sides of the crusher are straight, and the tip plate is angled making it easier to fill with material and difficult to damage the crusher. The bent side plates add overall strength to the bucket frame construction without adding weight.

The flywheel and belt drive are placed inside the unit to keep them safe from wear. Changing the fragment size has been made as easy as possible with the pin adjusted method.

The crusher works in two directions – forward mode for dry material and reverse mode for wet material – which helps to avoid jamming or bridging of the material. Reverse mode is particularly suited for asphalt crushing. 

The new model, like all ALLU crushers, has direct drive motor hydraulics resulting in less belts and maintenance. A low speed and high torque motor ensures a quick start even when the crusher is fully loaded.

A new system of dampeners reduces the noise and vibration of the AC 5-17FD, resulting in operator comfort.

One of the more noticeable features of the new model for skid steers is that it’s been designed in a way that allows the operator to park the crusher on the ground and open the front door of the skid steer loader. 

Specifications, features and benefits.