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Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability

Efficiency is no longer an objective for many operators within the road construction industry – instead it is a necessity hence we offer only robust and dependable machinery that ensure downtime can be reduced and efficiency can be boosted.

Due to the finite nature of some road base aggregates, reusing or recycling existing road bases through stabilisation is now more important then ever for many operators and our innovative products meet this criteria as well.

See below our range of road construction, trenching and compaction equipment for efficient, safe and more sustainable infrastructure applications.


Road Construction

Self-levelling, bi-directional planing, high torque, built-in water tank and a fast asphalt application will help you quickly get roads running again.



Safety and efficiency in small fixed-section trenching on hard or compacted surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and rock. Recycle the discharged material.

  • SIMEX Trenching Wheel – ideal tool for the laying of utilities up to a maximum depth of 800mm and width of 30-250 mm



Complete the compacting jobs more efficiently, cleaner and particularly, safer than having staff using hand-held machines.

Contact us today on 1300 921 498 to find out more. Our team is ready to assist and provide you with advice and solutions that meet the specific needs of your application and ensure you achieve the maximum return on your capital investment.

See also our Attachment Tool that will help you identify a range of suitable attachments within the lifting capacity of your carrier.