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TRS Premium Spec HPUs for demanding mine site applications

TRS Premium Spec (PS) Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) are fully enclosed and specifically designed and manufactured for arduous Australian mine site applications.

Available in 55kW, 90kW and 110kW models, the TRS range of Premium Spec HPUs are designed for reliability and ease of maintenance. The HPU is matched to suit the selected boom and hammer model and can be further customised to meet any project or site electrical or hydraulic specifications.

Each system boasts an impressive list of standard features and, depending on the project requirements, a large range of optional features are also readily available, including foam fire suppression, bladder breathers and additional filtration and condition monitoring.

A complete turn-key solution including fill lines, drain lines and all interconnecting tube and hoses is also available.


An externally mounted, positive displacement, axial piston pump is installed to generate oil flow up to the pressures required. Oil condition is maintained with pressure and return filtration and an off-line cooler to ensure that the maximum allowable oil temperature is not exceeded via an independently powered fan and circulation pump.

Safety and Efficiency

Load sensing, variable displacement technology is used to maximise energy efficiency and reduce heat generation. All fittings and components are rated above the maximum working pressure of the system and a full flow pressure relief valve is directly mounted to the pump discharge. Any spillage during servicing and maintenance is also contained within the large sump to avoid accidental discharge to the environment.

Easy Maintenance

With internal lighting, bolted roof panels and a full enclosure with all side panels either bolted or hinged, complete access to the internal components is possible for maintenance. Multiple test points are also installed throughout the hydraulic circuit to facilitate condition monitoring and troubleshooting.

TRS_Hydraulic Power Unit - inside

Manufactured to exceed expectations

TRS HPUs are manufactured in Australia and are engineered to maximise availability and reliability in the most arduous conditions. Designed as self-contained, fully enclosed units, they are fitted with pockets for forklift handling and lifting lugs for ease of installation.

The on-board stainless steel control panel features double-skin doors to protect panel mounted switches, lights, and also the HMI screen, from the elements. Internal wiring and electrical components can be customised to suit any site electrical standards and specifications.

Quality components are used throughout and our attention to detail during design and assembly will ensure many years of reliable service.

Boom Control system

Increase safety with smart boom technology

Increasingly, mine operators are turning to technology and remote operation to reduce the exposure to risk for operators and nearby personnel.

Developed specifically for hydraulic boom systems BoomSafe® combines automated movement sequences, collision prevention and it allows remote operation of your boom systems via a plant network at any location in the world via a laptop or PC.

BoomSafe® is the most advanced remote operator controlled, collision prevention and automated movement system on the market and you can have it factory fitted on new Boom Systems or retro-fitted to your existing Boom. READ MORE.