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Rammer Performance Line for everyday breaking

Rammer Performance Line rockbreakers are a cost-effective solution to your everyday breaking applications. With the incorporation of a nitrogen piston accumulator and a second pressure dampening membrane type accumulator, this proven technology, enables Rammer’s Performance Line rockbreakers to provide its users with an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

All models feature a robust and silenced housing that offers increased noise suppression, optimizing these rockbreakers for use in urban areas. 


Innovative features such as quick tool change system, automatic lubrication system and remote monitoring system increase productivity.

Excellent Power to Weight ratio

Simple impact unit design with piston accumulator operating principle and excellent power-to-weight ratio guarantees low owning and operating costs.


Noise reduction

A robust, silenced and vibration suppressed housing increases both application versatility and housing lifetime.

Ideal for urban applications

The Performance Line rockbreakers’ housing effectively dampens vibrations for operator comfort and soundproofing makes them ideal for noise-sensitive applications i.e. in urban areas.

Central hose connections have been developed for easy mounting of hydraulic quick hitch mounting bracket and fast-change tool system for quick and safe tool changing. Other innovative features such as automatic lubrication system Ramlube II and optional RD3 remote rockbreaker monitoring system is available for all models.

Performance Line rockbreakers are compatible with carriers ranging from 0.7 – 53 tonnes. See the links below for features and specifications:

Rammer Performance Line

  • Small Range rockbreakers are your reliable solution to any breaking application, suit carriers between 0.7 and 12 tonnes
  • Medium Range offers a cost-optimized solution for every application, suit carriers between 9 and 23 tonnes
  • Large Range rockbreakers come with other innovative features such as our automatic lubrication system Ramlube II and the Idle Blow Protector, suit carriers between 20 and 53 tonnes

See the links below for features and specifications: