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Simex Self-levelling Planers ensure constant depth in all conditions

SIMEX self-levelling planers are designed for removing the entire layer of asphalt or cement in preparation for trenching or for milling deteriorated sections for later resurfacing. With the Simex Planers you can maintain constant milling depth in any condition regardless of the ground contour as lateral slides on the planer automatically align to the milling surface. 

You can fit the Simex Self Levelling Planers onto skid steer loaders, hydrostatic drive loaders and backhoe loaders. With the option of using multi tooth special drums you can remove horizontal road markings, perform road scarifying or take off the top few millimetres of a concrete or asphalt surface. Maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum since only requirement is the replacement of worn teeth

Self Levelling Planers are available in a range of models that reach a maximum width of 1,200 mm and depth of 350 mm. 

High Performance

Exclusive self-levelling system ensures planing depth is constant in any condition.


Dust Control

Built in water tank and spray system control dust produced during milling operations.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum since only requirement is the replacement of worn teeth

Quick, quality roadworks with Simex Planers

Due to the finite nature of some road base aggregates, reusing or recycling existing road bases through stabilisation is now more important then ever for many operators. Simex Planers enable productive rehabilitation of existing roadways by performing milling and stabilisation with depth control features.

The SIMEX PL high depth planers enable contractors to crush and mix road base with stabilisation agents down to 350 millimetres. The size of the skid steer and Simex planer combination enables contractors to get into tight spots where large profilers might not be able to reach. This aids with precision in a variety of applications such as for municipal roads, driveways, footpaths and many more.

With road repairs time is of the essence as saving time also means saving money. In addition, the quicker the job is completed the less traffic is held up. The efficiency and precision of the Simex planer helps to quickly get roads running again.

See the link below for features and specifications:

Simex Self-levelling Road Planers and Stabilisers

Self Levelling Planers are available in a range of models that reach a maximum width of 1,200mm and depth of 350mm. You can choose drums in different widths and teeth layout for asphalt or cement or multi-tooth drum for fine surface milling.

See the links below for features and specifications:


Simple efficiency with Simex

With a maximum width of 1200 millimetres and a milling depth of 350 millimetres (depending on model), the Simex Planers are well suited to small and medium roadworks and are especially suitable in tight areas and around potholes or kerbs.

With the Simex Planer you can get a lot closer to these objects and that removes some of the manpower and other equipment like jackhammers that might be required as the machine does the work.


Simex Planers have the exclusive self-leveling system which helps ensure a constant planing depth in any condition. This is achieved by the installation of lateral slides, which allow for the planer to automatically align to the milling surface. Both slides move independently, providing greater stability and more precise planing movements as well as reducing material overflows.

The self-levelling feature and independent depth controls on either side of the planer are aided by planers having a drum tilt capacity of 16 degrees ensuring that height differences are minimised in the final product, even if a project is over uneven ground.

The exclusive self-levelling system allows the possibility to reuse milled material for backfilling trenches.


Simex Planers are also designed with a unique water tank built into the rear pick up frame and pump which reduces any dust produced during milling operations and also ensures the safe and quick operation when filling the water tank.

This makes the Simex planer an all-in-one package, no need for added cost of fitting a water tank to the sides or roof top of your skid steer.


  • Constant planing depth
  • Perfect surfaces with side-by-side passes
  • Maximum safety
  • Stability and no vibrations
  • Optimal visibility for the operator