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With a crusher jaw, pulveriser jaw, shear jaw and combi jaw, the Rammer Multiprocessor is your choice when you have a range of different primary and secondary demolition applications. It can handle all phases of your demolition process whether it is crushing concrete, cutting reinforced structures, pulverising or more.



Rammer Grapples have been designed to handle large volumes making them ideal for bulk loading and waste handling.


Manufactured from HB400 steel and featuring hydraulic rotation with protection valve and upside-Down cylinder with protective cover. 

Easy maintenance

Symmetrical cutter blades and crushing teeth can be replaced on site without special tools.


Engineered for a variety of duties

The Rammer Multiprocessor range have been designed to perform a broad array of duties in primary and secondary demolition applications. Multiprocessors consist of a main structure, to which it is possible to  mount different types of jaws transforming the RMP Multiprocessor into a dedicated attachment for your application whether it is demolition of structures, reduction and fragmentation of material or cutting of ferrous materials.

For features, applications and specifications of each Multiprocessor model click the links below:

Rammer Multiprocessors

Rammer Multiprocessors are versatile tools for primary and secondary demolition applications, suit carriers between 16 and 27 tonnes.

See the links below for features and specifications: