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More efficient and environmentally friendly waste processing

Less transportation of materials, less fuel consumption, less landfill and recycling of waste materials are all steps that support environmental sustainability. With the right attachment you can  process materials and construction waste onsite to reduce environmental impact and improve the bottom line.


ALLU Material Processing Buckets

ALLU Buckets are purpose built for efficient material processing by reducing the number of process steps needed to transform waste into useable material. ALLU will process just about anything – wet or dry – and, all in a one-step.


Simex Crusher Buckets

With SIMEX Crusher Bucket old bricks on demolition site can be crushed into a material that can be re-used on the building site or if disposed, it takes less space than uncrushed material in the truck.


Rammer Sorting Grapples

The Rammer Grapples are your tough partner to demolition and material handling applications for carriers from 5 to 40 tonnes. These grapples offer large volume for bulk loading making them ideal also for waste handling.

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See also our Attachment Tool that will help you identify a range of suitable attachments within the lifting capacity of your carrier.