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Rammer Excellence line hits smarter

Rammer has brought several innovations to the hydraulic rockbreaker market, including constant blow energy, idle blow protection, attachment-mounted dust suppression, automatic lubrication and now, all Rammer Excellence Line of rockbreakers have integrated smart technology for easier fleet management and more efficient processes.

Whether your application is primary breaking, primary or secondary demolition, trenching, asphalt cutting, ground compacting, metallurgical industry or specialised areas such as scaling, tunneling and underwater demolition, Rammer Excellence Line of rockbreakers offer fast, reliable and low-maintenance solution to increase your productivity and give you a lower cost per tonne of material broken. 


Rammer’s patented Fixed Blow Energy operating principle ensures maximum impact energy regardless of the operating oil flow. This means that every impact – from first to last – is at maximum power, regardless of oil flow or frequency, reducing breaking time and maximising productivity.

Remote monitoring

Remote Rockbreaker Monitoring system, RD3 is included in all Excellence models as a standard. RD3 is the first ever remote monitoring system for hydraulic rock breakers enabling owners to know exactly where their equipment is and how it is being operated 24/7.


With Rammer’s sealed high-pressure membrane accumulator system constant and high breaking power is maintained at all times because it is gas leakage proof making Rammer Rockbreakers a reliable and productive partner for your carrier, particularly in remote locations.

Innovation and technology ensure the lowest possible operating costs

Rammer Excellence Line rockbreakers are fitted with membrane-type accumulators to assist with power strokes, whilst providing protection against hydraulic spikes, and they have field replaceable lower tool bushing and a low maintenance design which ensures optimum rockbreaker uptime, higher availability levels and a reduced owning and operating cost.

Having real-time data on-hand is tried and tested way to cut downtime, proactively maintain equipment to avoid costly repairs and to improve the overall efficiency of operation. That is why Rammer developed the RD3, the first cloud-based monitoring device for hydraulic rockbreakers.

Reliable, high-performance and low-maintenance Excellence Line rockbreakers suit carriers from 0.6 to 120 tonne. See the links below for features and specifications:

Rammer Excellence Line

  • Small Range rockbreakers are your reliable long life solution to any breaking application, suit carriers between 0.6 and 15 tonnes
  • Heavy Duty Small Range and Scaler Range have been developed for harsh conditions and demanding specialized applications, suit carriers between 1.9 and 13 tonnes.
  • Medium Range offers the best power-weight ratio on the market, suit carriers between 12 and 32 tonnes
  • Large Range rockbreakers are powerful, durable and undisputed leaders in their class, suit carriers between 26 and 120 tonnes
  • PRO Range rockbreakers are robust and designed to work versatile positions, especially horizontally, tackle tunneling duties in hard rock and withstand high levels of dust, suit carriers between 23 and 83 tonnes.

See the links below for features and specifications:


Remote monitoring

Rammer was the first on the market to add remote monitoring system for its hydraulic rockbreakers and having thousands of rockbreakers sending data to SAM platform only a few years after the launch demonstrates how customers have embraced the new technology that allows them to track and monitor their rockbreaker usage.

Operationally, RD3 provides the information that businesses need to get the very best from their rockbreakers. Customers can simply log into the SAM platform to see all the data on operating hours, location, how the rockbreaker is being operated and required service intervals. With the data our customers have found easier to manage service periods and minimize machinery downtime by scheduling maintenance during times of least impact on production.

Easy maintenance

The Rammer Excellence Line of rockbreakers come with easy maintenance features to decrease maintenance costs all while reducing the cost of ownership and operating costs. I.e.

  • Idle Blow Protection (IBP) – that can be adjusted easily on site – protects the tool from failures, reduces tie rod stress and ensures the rockbreaker can’t be operated until pressure is placed on the tool 
  • Lower tool bushing can be rotated or replaced on site by removing the two easy-to-use pins 
  • Separate greasing channels from the valve body into the lower and upper tool bushing enable optimum greasing for both bushings increasing the lifetime of your tool and the tool bushings.

TRS is the authorised Rammer agent for WA offering factory-approved maintenance and warranty services to help keep your rockbreakers doing what they do best – turning big rocks into little rocks.




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