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Change hydraulic attachments in seconds

In some applications the need for work tool/attachment changes is almost continuous and it can be time consuming task.

With the Steelwrist SQ Automatic Quick Coupler you can switch between hydraulic rockbreaker, shears, grapples, sorting bucket, compaction plate and other attachments in a few seconds – all without ever leaving the cabin and in only seconds. 

The Steelwrist SQ automatic quick coupler system for excavators enables hydraulic attachments to be connected and disconnected from the excavator cabin.

Suit excavators from 5 to 70 tonne.



Switch between hydraulic attachments within a few seconds without leaving the cabin saving you time and maximising productivity.


In a single action the Steelwrist quick coupler locks into to the attachment bracket and connects the hydraulic hose couplings at the same time.

Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Steelwrist is the only manufacturer on the market that has a symmetrical quick release cast entirely in steel ensuring an unbeatable relationship between strength and weight.

Compliant with industry standards

The Steelwrist quick couplers follow the symmetrical standard and are compliant with 2006/42/EG, ISO13031 and SUVA. Symmetrical couplers is the internationally fastest growing type of quick coupler. They are light, robust, easy and relatively inexpensive compared to most international options.

They are in compliance with Open-S – the open industry standard for fully automatic quick couplers for excavators. With an open standard, machine operators and contractors can more easily choose quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools from manufacturers that are in compliance with the standard, and be confident that they will work together.

Suit carriers from 5 to 70 tonne. View the Steelwrist brochure or see the links below for features and specifications:

Steelwrist SQ Quick Couplers

Quick Coupler SQ50 SQ60-4 SQ60-5 SQ65
Carrier Weight 5 – 13t 12 – 20t 12 – 20t 14 – 22t
Quick Coupler SQ70 SQ70/55 SQ80 SQ90
Carrier Weight 18 – 33t 18 – 33t 5 – 43t 40 – 70t


See the links below for features and specifications:



V14 accessory Adaptor Quick coupler

Electrical connector for SQ couplers
V14 is a robust fourteen pole connector specially made for SQ couplers and work tool applications. It can be retrofitted in existing SQ type couplers and work tools.
Self-cleaning function guarantees contact

The V14 electrical connector has large contact surfaces that make the connection secure. With a construction where the surfaces slide against each other during the coupling procedure, good contact is ensured and a self-cleaning effect also occurs.

With more pins more functions can be added

V14 has fourteen poles instead of ten, as in the old V90 conncector, which makes it possible to connect the tiltrotator function, as well as Machine Control System or separate valve packages, in the same connector.  It is also compatible with the position of the V90 connector in such a way that existing couplers and work tools from Steelwrist can be upgraded.

V14_accessory adaptor quick coupler


Convert hydraulic attachments to SQ

With boltable SQ-frame you can easily convert any hydraulic attachment to SQ. Male couplings in SQ adaptor equipped with Qplus technology ensure higher flow, more uptime and improved serviceability.


  • Adaptor plate with manifold
  • Adaptor plate for internal hoses