Reduced downtime and costs with the NEW TRS HD Boom Systems

Recently launched TRS range of High Duty Boom Systems are heavy duty, Australian made pedestal mounted boom systems that are specifically designed for large scale mining and high demand rockbreaking...

Difference between accumulators

A periodic service is extremely essential in ensuring a long life for your car and goes a long way to keeping your vehicle reliable and niggle-free – rockbreakers are much the same. However, with...

Material Processing & Loading in one step

Efficient material flow is a key issue in any mining operation, power plant, bulk harbour and bulk material or storage area and any improvements made in this area reflect positively on the bottom...

Rammer – Intelligent breaking

Rammer, the leading supplier of smart rockbreaker technology, was the first on the market to add remote monitoring system, RD3 for hydraulic rockbreakers and has recently enhanced access to data by...

SIMEX – the market leader in rotary cutting machine technology

Alternatives are fast emerging in the mining industry to traditional drilling and blasting methods used to loosen and dislodge rocks in surface and underground operations. One of these is the Italian-made SIMEX twin header rotary cutter, which has many advantages over traditional drill and blast methods.

Time really does cost money on road profiling jobs

Simex Planers work to increase efficiency on road profiling jobs by performing milling and stabilisation with depth control features. Read the article published in Roads & Infrastructure Magazine to see why SIMEX Planer is the unit of choice.

Purchase Tools and Grease online – Tool Shop coming soon!


BIO Tool Grease

Biodegradable grease for use in environmentally sensitive locations


Special Tool Grease

Protects and increases the service life of tools and bushings


Meissel Paste (copper)

Keeps your rockbreaker working in extreme high temperatures

Intelligence of breaking

Rammer, the leading supplier of smart rockbreaker technology, was the first on the market to add remote monitoring system, RD3 for hydraulic rockbreakers and has recently enhanced access to data by introducing SAM.

SAM is a digital assistant designed specifically for staff responsible for running daily operations. Having real-time data on rockbreaker usage is tried and tested way to cut downtime, proactively maintain equipment to avoid costly repairs and to improve the overall efficiency of operation. 

RD3 is a standard feature on all Rammer Excellence Line rockbreakers, it is also available as an option for Rammer Performance Line and as retrofit-kit for older Rammer rockbreakers.

SAM is available for iOS, Android and as a desktop version.

Get the job done better and faster

Using the right attachment for the task is not only safer, it reduces downtime, lowers operating and lifetime ownership costs and, most importantly, helps you reduce the cost per tonne of material moved.

If you want to add extra capability to your machinery but unsure which attachment to choose, ask our TRS team expert. We have a complete range of purpose-built tools for your next breaking, cutting, crushing, trenching, compaction, road construction or scrap recycling job.

Boom Remote operation

automation & remote operation

​Safety is a primary objective for all modern mines. Increasingly, mine operators are turning to technology and remote operation to reduce the exposure to risk for operators and nearby personnel.

BoomSafe® is a boom control system that has been developed specifically for hydraulic boom systems to provide remote operation with automated movements and an advanced collision prevention to improve safety of rockbreaking operations.

advice & support

Correct operation of the equipment and matching the right tool to the job application are critical to achieving the highest level of production with the lowest possible operating costs.

With extensive industry-specific knowledge and experience we provide you with service, advice and solutions that meet the specific needs of your application and ensure you achieve the maximum return on your capital investment.

Advice on Correct rockbreaker operation
TRS Workshop personnel

maintenance & right tools

Right tools and regular maintenance will prolong the life of your investment and ensure your equipment performs at its optimal efficiency at all times.

Our experienced technicians rebuild, service and repair hydraulic attachments and boom systems in all makes and models in our custom designed workshop in Canning Vale, Perth or onsite when required. A great range of genuine tools, parts, consumables and accessories that are readily available in our warehouse.

industry leading performance & reliability

Getting the work done reliably and on time is essential and therefore we have selected only industry leading manufacturers, allowing you to choose from a range of quality and reliable products that can operate in harsh conditions without missing a beat.

With features such as membrane technology, real-time data on operation, simplified maintenance, automatic lubrication and wear-parts that are quick and easy to change, our products will help you reduce downtime and operating costs.