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Simex Rock Grinders make an impact on hard surfaces

When conventional digging systems are too weak and percussion tools have little effect choose Simex Twin Header Rock Grinders (Rotaty Cutter Heads) that are designed for trench work in hard and compacted ground. The patented design of direct drive, high displacement hydraulic piston motor ensures high performance and low speed/high torque without a need of reduction gear box.

With different cutter drum options and tools with different features Twin Headers are suitable a range of applications and various materials requiring milling, concrete and rock wall profiling, dredging, demolition and quarry work.

Twin Headers do not produce strong vibrations or high noise levels making them ideal for noise and vibration sensitive works. 

High Performance

Direct drive hydraulic piston motor guarantees high torque and high performance.

Low Noise and Vibration

Quiet operation makes them ideal for working near schools, hospitals, existing infrastructure and other sensitive areas.

Low Maintenance

The direct drive motor does not require lubrication or other types of routine maintenance.

Why choose a Simex Twin Header?

The advantages of Simex Twin Header Rock Grinders compared with conventional methods such as explosives or hydraulic rockbreakers are various:

  • A more accurate profiling
  • Precise cuts
  • Milled material can be reused on site
  • Ideal for narrow and deep excavations
  • Continuous working, therefore greater efficiency
  • Low vibrations and low noise enabling the work even in sensitive areas
  • Minimisation of fractures within the rock mass


Simex Twin Header Rock Grinders

Simex Twin Headers come with a wide range of models for excavators from 2.5 to 75 tonne ensuring high performance in any application.

See the link below for features and specifications:



The Twin Header (double drum cutters) Rock Grinders have two main types of applications; standard, where the rock grinder operates in applications with infrastructural or demolition purposes and heavy, when working in contexts such as quarries, mines or tunnels. In addition, Simex TF rock grinders can be used in many various fields and niche applications.


In quarrying works, the TF Rock Grinder showcases its full versatility: on the one hand, it guarantees selective breaking of the rock mass ensuring the stability of the wall in applications such as open pit extraction; on the other hand, it increases profitability, producing a crushed material that often does not even require further volume reduction by additional equipment or operating machine.


The small Simex TF Rock Grinders work effectively on the road surface, removing set-sections of deteriorated asphalt for subsequent restoration. The milled material can be reused immediately onsite.


When laying underground utilities, such as water or gas pipes, the Simex TF Rock Grinder is necessary for excavating a trench with a larger section. By using both drums tangentially, productivity remains high while still containing vibrations and noise (<87 dB), which instead characterize the percussion systems.


The small and mid-sized models of the Simex TF Rock Grinder range can be used successfully in building and infrastructure works such as the demolition of pavements and interior and exterior curtain walls, for milling vertical surfaces to remove plaster, for exposing structural elements or reclaim deteriorated concrete.

Simex Rock Grinders are ideal for those demolition works where it is not possible to work with percussion systems or explosives or construction site that has space limitations or is near sensitive areas.

Furthermore, the TF Rock Grinder tolerates the presence of rebars in reinforced concrete.


The Simex TF Rock Grinders are ideal for vaulted milling work with the aim of removing deteriorated concrete. Profiling with the TF Rock Grinder does not stress the rock mass and the bearing structure, ensuring the perfect balance between productivity and precision. READ the Case Study on underground tunneling.


The mechanical gaskets on the drums ensure maximum resistance to external agents even when the Rock Grinder is completely submerged in water or muddy soil, up to a maximum depth of 30 metres.


The Rock Grinders can be fitted with special teeth for processing wood, in those jobs where crushing roots and tree trunks is necessary. In general, they can also be used in tilling mixed soils featuring a heavy presence of rocks and stones, for the subsequent laying of underground utilities or planting.