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Quality and reliability from the industry-leading manufacturers

Getting the work done reliably and on time is essential and therefore we have selected only industry leading manufacturers, allowing you to choose from a range of quality and reliable products that can operate in harsh conditions without missing a beat.



A comprehensive range of powerful, reliable and cost-effective hydraulic rockbreakers with integrated smart technology.



Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring systems you will see all the data 24/7 on operating hours, how the rockbreaker is being operated and required service intervals helping you manage service periods and minimize machinery downtime by scheduling maintenance during times of least impact on production.


Waste Screening and Processing

With efficient and more environmentally friendly waste processing attachments you can reduce landfill costs, minimise need for transportation and need to purchase replacement materials.



Demolition & Cutting

Using the right attachment for the task is not only safer, it reduces downtime, lowers operating and lifetime ownership costs and, most importantly, helps you reduce the cost per tonne of material moved.

Our range of demolition and cutting attachments are versatile, productive, wear resistant and have simplified maintenance features.



Picking & Loading

Attachments that are specifically designed for demolition and materials handling applications, picking and sorting applications, waste handling and bulk loading.

  • Daehan Grapples – multiple designs and size choices will help you maximise efficiency on the high-volume material handling jobs
  • Rammer Grapples – robust for heavy work, but also accurate for picking and sorting applications



Trenching & Profiling

When conventional digging systems are too weak and percussion tools have little effect or milling is required in vibration or noise sensitive applications i.e. in urban areas.

  • SIMEX Twin Header Rock Grinders – for trench work in hard and compacted ground, concrete and rock wall profiling, dredging, demolition and quarry work


Contact us today on 1300 921 498 to find out more. Our team is ready to assist and provide you with advice and solutions that meet the specific needs of your application and ensure you achieve the maximum return on your capital investment.

See also our Attachment Tool that will help you identify a range of suitable attachments within the lifting capacity of your carrier.