Rammer R45P

The Rammer R45P breaker is an ideal solution to everyday breaking applications. The R45P’s simple impact unit design with the incorporation of a nitrogen piston accumulator and a second pressure dampening membrane type accumulator provides an excellent power-to-weight ratio.

This 2,315kg breaker features a robust, silenced and vibration suppressed housing making it ideal for use in urban areas. In addition to other Performance Line characteristics, R45P comes with innovative features such as our automatic lubrication system Ramlube II and the Idle Blow Protector.

R45P is compatible with carriers ranging from 32.0 – 53.0 tonnes. The remote rockbreaker monitoring hardware RD3 is optional as retro-fit for Performance Line breakers.

Key Specifications

Product Weight

2,315 kg

Product Carrier Weight

32.0 – 53.0 t

Oil Flow Range

200 – 250 l/min


  • Twin handed
  • Vibration and sound suppressed
  • Flange mounting
  • Stone claws on housing
  • Idle blow protector
  • Fast-change tool system
  • RD3 incl. MyFleet (optional)
  • RD3 incl. MyFleet (retrofit)
  • Original RAMMER tools
  • Piston type accumulator
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio


  • Primary breaking
  • Secondary breaking
  • Primary demolition
  • Secondary demolition
  • Recycling
  • Hire Fleet

Compatible with Chisel Tool, Moil Point Tool, Performance Pyramid Tool, Standard Blunt Tool.



2,315 kg

Minimum working weight, flange mounted *1

2,950 kg

Oil flow range
200 - 250 l/min

Impact rate (frequency)

360 - 630 bpm

Operating pressure

160 - 180 bar

Pressure relief setting *2

210 bar

Pressure relief max

230 bar

Back pressure max

10 bar

Input power
75 kW
Tool diameter
165 mm
Pressure line connection (IN)
SAE 6000 psi 1 1/4"
Return line connection (OUT)
SAE 6000 psi 1 1/4"
Pressure line size, min. inner diameter

26 mm

Return line size, min. inner diameter

32 mm

Optimum oil temperature
40 - 60°C
Allowed oil temperature range
-20 - 80°C
Optimum oil viscosity at operating temperature
30 - 60 cSt
Allowed viscosity range
20 - 1000 cSt
Carrier weight, range *3
32 - 53 t
Noise level, measured (2000/14/EC)
Noise level, guaranteed (2000/14/EC)
Grease Connection

Back head pressure

  • *1   Includes average mounting bracket and standard wear parts
  • *2   Minimum setting = actually measured operating pressure + 50 bar or 725 psi
  • *3   Check carrier allowed attachment weight from carrier manufacturer. Check application requirements.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.