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TRS 110PS300 – Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)

The TRS 110PS300 is our 110kW premium spec, fully enclosed, HPU. It has been specifically designed and manufactured for the most extreme environments and arduous conditions often found on remote Australian mine sites.

In addition to the full enclosure with removable pitched roof, the on-board control panel features double-skin doors to protect panel mounted switches, lights, and also the HMI screen, from the elements. Internal wiring and electrical components can be customised to suit any site electrical standards and specifications.

In addition to the long list premium standard features, the 110PS300 HPU has a range of optional features which are readily available – making it a fully customisable and extremely reliable HPU to meet any project or site requirements.

Key Specifications

Product Weight

4,000 kg

Width and Length

2.1 m (W) x 2.5 m (L)


3.1 m 

Standard features

  • An Externally mounted main pump module comprising a 4-pole motor coupled to a single axial piston pump (electric motor, bell housing and coupling, pumps and direct mounted pressure relief valve)
  • Load sensed, variable displacement pump technology designs to maximise energy efficiency
  • An ‘off-line’ air type oil cooler assembly with independently powered fan and circulation pump
  • Pressure and return oil filtration (10µm or 5µm) designed for full flow and with integral blocked filter bypass and visual / electrical blocked filter indication included as standard
  • Reservoir – 600, 800 or 1000 litre capacity carbon or stainless steel baffled reservoir, folded and fabrication to fall to single drain point. Each reservoir is assembled complete with:
    • Desiccant breather
    • Dual signal oil temperature switch (High and High-High)
    • Sight level glass
    • Dual signal oil level low switch (Low and Low-Low)
  • Skid base with drip tray – carbon steel skid with drip tray/bund to hold 150% or reservoir oil volume (tray will be folded to drain to a single location with drain valve)
  • Forklift tyne pockets and lifting lugs for ease of handling
  • Sloped, bolted roof panels to allow for removal and greater access to internal components for maintenance
  • Full enclosure with all side panels either bolted or hinged to permit access and removal
  • Skid and enclosure painted to client standard specification
  • Internal lighting to enclosure

Optional features

Subject to project and site requirements, following is just a small selection of the optional features also readily available:

  • Pre-engineered foam fire suppression
  • Bladder breather for extremely dusty environments
  • In-built provision for pump flow testing (manual or automatic)
  • Kidney loop scavenger filtration system
  • Oil heater (s)
  • Additional condition monitoring devices (filter pressure differential, oil cooler temperature in/out sensors, pump suction valve position sensors etc.)
  • Vibration isolation foot mounts
  • Remote fill and drain lines with instrumentation



4,000 kg


2,500 mm


2,100 mm


3,100 mm



TRS HPUs are fully customisable and Specifications are subject to change without notice.