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As well as improving efficiency in material processing, ALLU Transformer buckets help businesses transform their green credentials.


With ALLU Transformers excavated waste materials are transformed into valuable materials and reused on site instead of sending to landfill. Less transportation of materials, less fuel consumption, less landfill and recycling of waste materials are all steps that support environmental sustainability.

Substantial savings are also accomplished in the form of lower haulage costs and landfill fees. As the Transformers facilitate the more efficient utilisation of waste materials, the need to purchase replacement materials is reduced and recycling the left-over materials can generate an income. Sorting and processing of green waste, compost materials and construction waste with ALLU will reduce environmental impact and improve the bottom line.


ALLU Transformers are purpose built for efficient material processing by reducing the number of process steps needed and transforming waste into useable material. ALLU Transformer buckets provide a one-stop-shop process by transforming any carrier; excavator, wheel loader, skid steer etc. into a multifunctional tool that will screen, process, mix, aerate, pulverise and load – all in a one-step operation.

As the Transformer bucket begins processing, the undersize material falls through the bottom screen and can be tipped directly into a truck or processing plant. The oversize remains in the bucket and can be tipped onto a stockpile. An added bonus is the bucket’s ability to handle wet material without clogging, which is often a serious challenge in clay-bound areas.

Blade thicknesses determine the fragment size of the end-product and ALLU has a range of blades than can easily be changed onsite to produce required fragment sizes. ALLU units fit for almost any base machine, excavators, loaders and skid steers from 8t to 160t.


Using IoT technology, the ALLU App provides information about the working hours and instructions to guide the operator through safe working methods such as the right angle of inclination when using the ALLU attachment throughout the whole operating and ownership process.

In order to maintain maximum productivity on the site and to minimise equipment downtime, the ALLU Mobile Application (ALLU App) provides information about the ideal maintenance frequency and the changing of wear parts, based on the number of working hours