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ALLU_Transformer M_series bucket

ALLU Transformer M 4-25

The ALLU Transformer M 4-25 buckets have been designed for quick and efficient material processing in quarries, mining and industrial operations by delivering a one-step screening, processing and loading solution capable of handling all materials from wet soils to coal and rock.

The Transformer M series attachment solve chute blockages and other material flow problems by crushing the material and separating hard unwanted impurities in the rock mass while loading the dump truck or conveyor system.

Built tough to suit harsh environments in the mining industry, the frame of each Transformer bucket is made from 100% wear resistant Hardox steel and the M-Series utilises genuine CAT ground engagement tools, ensuring that replacement teeth can be sourced anywhere in the world.  All blades, hammers and bars are hardened steel.

The M series suit 50-160 tonne excavators and 30-90 tonne wheel loaders.


Key Specifications

Product Weight

14,000 kg

Product Carrier Weight

Excavator  120 – 160 t

Oil Flow Range

300 – 440 l/min


  • Hydraulic motor x2
    Displacement: 2x 1,400 cm3
    Power: 2x 70kW
    Max. Torque: 14,000 Nm
  • Power Control Valve
  • Pin mount adaptation and bushings
  • Rotating crushing drums
  • Patented rear-mounted bearing + drum construction
  • Heavy duty chain drive
  • Changeable wear parts


  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Quarrying



Excavator weight (t)

120 - 160 t

Wheel Loader weight (t)


Volume (m3)

5.0 - 6.7 m3

Oil Flow (Lpm)


Weight (kg)

11,000 - 14,000 kg

  • Minimum carrier weight is based on structural volume, material density of 0,9 tn/m3 and 300 kg adapter plate included.
  • Volume capacities calculated according to ISO standards without extra sides. Extra sides can increase the volume capacity up to 30%.
  • Unit weight without adapter. Weights are approximate and vary depending on the tool configuration.
  • Minimum required pressure and flow depend on the application.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.