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ALLU Crusher Bucket AC30-47

The AC 30-47 essentially functions as a jaw crusher or a primary crushing tool, allowing the excavator or wheel loader to process and recycle materials onsite.

By crushing and recycling materials onsite, the AC 30-47 minimises the need for transportation of waste and reduces the need for virgin materials.

Quickly change the material output size

The AC 30-47 has a unique feature allowing the discharge size to be changed in 3 to 5 minutes by simply removing the adjusting pin in the back and repositioning it to one of the numbered holes
on the frame. 16 different fragment sizes are available. 

Less jamming and bridging

With the bottom eccentric jaw movement material can flow freely through the jaws increasing the capacity of the material output and the jaw can also be run in both directions which helps avoid jamming or bridging of the material, even with wet materials

The robust ALLU Crusher AC30-47 features straight sides and an angled tip plate making it easy to fill with material. The flywheel and belt drive are placed inside the unit to keep them safe from wear.

Key Specifications

Product Weight

5,540 kg

Product Carrier Weight

Excavator 28 – 38 t

Oil Flow Range

max. 200 l/min


  • Upper jaw that is safe and easy to replace

  • Crushing plates that allow material to flow freely through jaws

  • Streamlines wear-resistant frame and no external parts for a long-lasting operational life

  • Angled side and tip plates to reduce the wear and provide a higher crushing filling rate

  • Pin adjustable for quick fragment size changes

  • Protected belt drive – maintenance-free, no adjustment


  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Construction
  • Utility and Road Works
  • Concrete Waste Recycling
  • Asphalt Recycling
  • Waste Rock handling at Quarries
  • Concrete Pipe Industry
  • Brick and Ceramics Industry



Excavator weight (t)

28 - 38 t

Operating Pressure (bar)

250 bar

Max Operation Flow (lpm)

200 lpm

Loading Capacity (m3)

1.2 m3

Weight (kg)

5,540 kg

Crushing Cam Opening (mm)

440 mm

Output size regulation (mm)

0 - 16 to 0 - 250 mm

  • Minimum carrier weight is based on structural volume, material density of 0,9 tn/m3 and 300 kg adapter plate included.
  • Volume capacities calculated according to ISO standards without extra sides. Extra sides can increase the volume capacity up to 30%.
  • Unit weight without adapter. Weights are approximate and vary depending on the tool configuration.
  • Minimum required pressure and flow depend on the application.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



1.Main frame

2.Upper jaw

3.Crushing plates – bucket opens like a clam enabling easy and safe crushing plate replacement

4.Streamline wear resistant frame – no external parts for long lasting operational life

5.Angled side and tip plate – provide a rigid frame, reduce the wear and provide a higher crushing filling rate

6.Pin adjustable and changeable fragment size – fastest in the market

7.Protected belt drive and fly wheel are placed inside the bucket – maintenance or adjustments not required