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TRS awarded by Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, Breakers

TRS - Australian Rammer Dealer for 2017.

​--  Since its establishment in 2013, TRS has been awarded twice with the Australian Rammer Dealer of the Year Award by Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, Breakers. TRS received its first award for 2014 and the second for 2017.

The recent award was announced in the Australian Rammer Dealer seminar in Perth in August 2018. Award was presented by Rafa Lopez, the Breakers Distribution Director and David Scurr, the Regional Product Manager for Breakers of Sandvik to proud recipients, Jeff Jackson, Mark Godsell and Paul Ingleson, the Directors of TRS.

TRS was congratulated by its achievement by Australian Rammer Dealers from each state and New Zealand Rammer dealer who visited TRS workshop in Canning Vale as part of the Rammer Dealer Seminar program.

David Scurr (left) and Rafa Lopez (right) present the Australian Rammer Dealer Award for 2017 to the Directors of TRS

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