SIMEX Asphalt Floats are ideal for footpaths and road shoulders

Simex Asphalt Floats are ideal for creating footpaths, sealing the road shoulders, widening roads and filling set-section trenches. By using the Asphalt Float a contractor can lay asphalt on the footpath without having to pass over a newly laid road as the float extends laterally outside of the skid steer wheel up to 1.62 metres.

Asphalt Float can be mounted to many different sizes of skid steers, especially smaller units. They can also be used on backhoe loaders and front-end loaders.


Key Specifications

Operating weight

675 kg

Asphalt Thickness

0 – 400 mm

Average Working Speed

50 – 120 m/min

Features and Benefits

  • Safe and simple to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight for transport
  • Reduces working times
  • Tidy result, as asphalt can be laid on side without the prime mover passing over the spread material since Asphalt Floats can work totally offset the carrier.


  • Lay asphalt or waste material to fill set-section trenches
  • Create footpaths and sidewalks
  • Widen existing roadways
  • Sealing the road shoulders


Specifications – Asphalt Floats


ST 200

Asphalt laying width regulation


Asphalt thickness regulation
(independent RH-LH)


Asphalt thickness (mm)

0 - 100

Transverse tilt (degrees)


Tilt locking device


Side shift


Average working speed m/min

50 - 120

Operating weight (1) (kg)


Required oil flow (l/min)


Oil pressure (bar)


  • (1) User is responsible for ensuring that the characteristics of the prime mover suit the weight and specifications of the attachment.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Asphalt Float Dimensions