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Rammer Pulveriser RPV40S

The Rammer RPV40S static pulveriser is ideal for and secondary demolition and highly effective tool for crushing reinforced concrete and separating rebar from aggregate.

Versatile Rammer Demolition attachments have been developed to meet the specific and demanding needs of construction, demolition and recycling industries by providing wear resistance and simplified maintenance that help you reduce downtime and operating costs.

Key Specifications

Product Weight

4,180 kg

Product Carrier Weight

35 – 45 t

Oil Flow Range

280 – 320 l/min


  • Speed valve
  • Hydraulic cylinder shielding
  • Grated jaw design
  • Manufactured from HB400 steel
  • Field replaceable symmetrical cutter blades
  • Field replaceable pulverizing plate
  • Field replaceable loading teeth
  • Hardened pins and bushings


  • Pulverizing
  • Secondary demolition
  • Recycling



Minimum working weight, flange mounted  *1

4,180 kg


3,860 kg


2,700 mm

Max. jaw opening

1,150 mm

Jaw width

660 mm

Max. cutting force

3,840 kN

Max. crushing force

1,980 kN

Operating pressure

280 - 320 bar

Max. operating pressure

320 bar

Oil flow range

280 - 320 l/min

Closing time at max oil flow

3.5 s

Opening time at max oil flow

3.4 s

No. of cycles per minute at max oil flow


Max. diameter to be cut

65 mm

Cutting blade length

220 mm

Max pressure for hydraulic rotation


Oil flow for hydraulic rotation


Pressure line connection (IN)

SAE 6000 psi 1 1/4"

Return line connection (OUT)

SAE 6000 psi 1 1/4"

Connections, rotation


Optimum oil temperature

40 - 60 °C

Allowed oil temperature range

-20 - 80 °C

Optimum oil viscosity at operating temperature

30 - 60 cSt

Allowed viscosity range

20 - 1000 cSt

Carrier weight, range  *2

35 - 45 t

  • *1   Includes average mounting bracket and standard wear parts
  • *3   Check carrier allowed attachment weight from carrier manufacturer. Check application requirements.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.