With extensive industry-specific knowledge and over 40 years of experience in excavator and skidsteer attachments we have selected only industry leading manufacturers, allowing you to choose from a range of quality and reliable products that can operate in harsh conditions without missing a beat.

Attachment Selection Tool

To ensure optimal and safe operation it is important the attachment is within the lifting capacity of your carrier. With hundreds of carrier models from the major manufacturers, our Tool will help you identify a range of suitable attachments for your carrier with just two clicks. Check out our Attachment Selection Tool and view the product lines below, we will help you with the rest.



Rammer9033 rockbreakerII 220x220px
  • powerful
  • productive
  • durable
  • suit 0.6 to 120 tonnes
  • economical
  • productive
  • over 40 models
  • spare parts readily available
  • from 1 to 18 tonnes
  • reach from 1 to 17 metres
RammerScrapShear 220x220px
  • versatile
  • simplified maintenance
  • wear resistant



BoomSafeII 220x220px
  • improve safety - prevent collision
  • increase speed and precision
  • remote control all your booms from a single location
  • increase uptime with simple maintenance
  • customise to meet your requirements
  • factory fitter or retro fitted

Simex innovative attachments


Simex range of innovative equipment allows you to work more efficiently, faster and most importantly, safer. Whether the job is road maintenance, trenching, construction of underground utilities, tunnel excavation, quarrying or profiling Simex has a solution

Simex TrenchingWheel 220x220px
  • ideal for small Fixed-Section Trenching
  • up to max depth of 800mm and width of 30-250mm 
  • firm, even and extremely compact trenches
  • compact trenches of different widths from 200 to 400mm

Simex Planer 220x220px
  • milling and stabilising asphalt or concrete
  • keeps milling depth constant in all conditions
  • minimal maintenance and material spill outs
  • range of models that reach a max width of 1,200mm and depth of 350mm


Simex CrusherBucket 220x220px
  • turn crushable waste material into usable material on site with no additional cost
  • for skid steers
  • for excavators of 7-55 tonnes
Simex twinheaderII 220x220px
  • suitable a range of job types and various materials requiring milling, concrete and rock wall profiling, dredging, demolition and quarry work
  • mining and tunneling applications
  • fixed-section trenching when excavating hard and rocky materials
  • suit 1.5-70 tonne excavators
Simex AsphaltFloat 220x220px
  • designed to lay asphalt or waste material to fill fixed-section trenches, create sidewalks or widen existing roadways
  • easy
  • fast
  • economical

Other Products


GTS RockSaw 220x220px
  • ultimate cutting machine
  • suit 1.5 to 40 tonne excavators
  • cutting depth from 410 to 950mm
PneuVibeCompactor 220x220px
  • Safe and effictive method to compact soil
  • from narrow trench to a large backfill operation
  • drive posts
  • pile sheets
  • suit 1.5 - 25+ tonne excavators
Daehan multi Grapplet 220x220px
  • durable
  • reliable
  • unlimited 360 degree clocwise and anti clockwise rotation
  • wide range of models and sizes to suit your job requirements


Allu ScreeningBucket 220x220px
  • screens, crushers, pulverisers, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, feeds and loads materials
  • will process just about anything
  • crush materials from 15 to 150mm fragment sizes
Tefra quickhitchII 220x220px
  • fully automatic dual positive lock hydraulic quick hitch
  • with only 3 moving parts, it is the most reliable and robust on the market
Refurbished EquipII220x220px
  • tested for strength and durability
  • fully serviced and repaired