John Rystenberg Contracting Avoid increasing tip fees - crush and recycle the construction and demolition waste onsite Simex Crusher Bucket CBE20
Hanson Red Hill Quarry  Rammer Boom C350 takes over the duties of a 20 year old Rammer Boom veteran at Red Hill Rammer Boom System 350
Focus Demolition The Ultimate Demolition Machine and Support you can trust Rammer Cutter Crusher RC706 
Sandvik Construction Total Rockbreaking Solutions - Australian Rammer Dealer of the Year   TRS 
Southern Traxcavator When Reliability matters Rammer is your Choice Rammer 4099 Rockbreaker 
Cross Verwijmeren Pty Ltd Maximum Productivity with Interchangeable Jaws Rammer RD2019 Multiprocessor 
Western Areas -Cosmic Boy Rammer Breaker Boom to boost productivity in the Cosmic Boy Rammer Boom System C400 
FinnMining Mighty Rammer 5011 breaker gets the job done for FinnMining Rammer 5011 Rockbreaker 
Focus Demolition RD2525 takes down the 100 year old bridge on the Seventh Avenue Rammer Multiprocessor RD2525 
WA Limestone WA Limestone Choose Rammer Rammer 4099 Rockbreaker 


Simex CrusherBucket action

Avoid increasing tip fees - crush and recycle the construction and demolition waste onsite

Council tip fees are rising but you can avoid/offset the increasing cost by reducing the waste volume or even recycling the waste onsite. 

Perth based contractor John Rystenberg has been in business for over 15 years, providing demolition services in Perth metropolitan area. Over these years, he has seen the gradual increase in tip fees and now, having demolition waste loaded into the back of a waste disposal truck and then taken to the tip has become a massive cost. 

"It is not only the tip fees but the time taken to transport it and the wear and tear on the truck, not to mention the fuel cost," says John. 

John purchased his first Simex CBE20 Crusher Bucket fitted onto a Cat 12 tonne excavator 10 months ago and has since kept his tip fees down. With the Simex Crusher Bucket old bricks on site can be crushed into a material that the builder can then use on the building site. 

"If the builder cannot use the material on site we still take it to the tip but with improved efficiency, as the crushed material takes up less space than uncrushed, utilising the full capacity of the truck," explains John. 

"I am amazed in the efficiency we have achieved with the crusher bucket; it can handle a large amount of material such as bricks, concrete, glass, tiles and asphalt slabs per cycle as well as wet and sticky products," John said.

Simex Crusher Buckets come with: 

  • a lightweight structure that won't transmit vibrations to the carrier and operator,
  • low noise output,
  • simple and quick teeth replacement, 
  • an automatic system that inverts drum rotation in case of blocking, with immediate resumption of work without any operator intervention and 
  • safe coupling and decoupling.

The Simex CB range of crusher buckets can also be mounted on skid steers and other loaders offering a perfect solution when space is limited.


 Old RammerBoom C330

Rammer Boom C350 takes over the duties of a 20 year old Rammer Boom veteran at Red Hill

Almost 20 years ago, Hanson acquired a Rammer C330 Boom system with Rammer E64 rockbreaker for their operation at the Red Hill Quarry in WA and since its installation in 1997 it has been operating above a jaw crusher clearing blockages quickly and efficiently.

Hanson Red Hill Quarry, located 25 kilometres from Perth, is quarrying dolomite, granite, rock and other aggregates for concrete, asphalt, backfill, paving and other civil construction applications.

Over these years when the Rammer rockbreaker boom system was required to clear blockages and bridging it never missed a beat but this year it was decided that it was time to upgrade the boom system to achieve a longer vertical reach. 

“Other boom systems on the market were explored but having seen the reliability of Rammer and acknowledging Rammer as one of the most recognised and trusted brands on the Australian market it made sense to enquire about acquiring another Rammer breaker boom system” said Red Hill Quarry Manager.

Total Rockbreaking Solutions, the exclusive authorised Rammer dealer in Western Australia recommended Rammer boom system C350 and Rammer rockbreaker 1655 for the job.

C350 has a maximum reach of 5.4 metres that is 500mm longer than the previous model and new technology that enables the optimal positioning of a rockbreaker within a crusher’s feed, allowing blockages and bridging of rock to be broken and cleared quickly and efficiently.

Rammer 1655 is a 870 kg rockbreaker with an impact rate of 500 - 940 blows per minute featuring Rammer’s patented Fixed Blow Energy operating principle that ensures optimum impact energy with every blow, regardless of hydraulic flow fluctuations. As with most Rammer breakers, the 1655 breaker also comes backed with Rammer’s Lifetime Warranty, which for a professional user is a maximum of 10 years.

“Features like these and the proven reliability ensure that we can carry out this task as efficiently as possible. We are very happy with the Rammer boom – it is working well” said the quarry manager.

Rammer has experience in the construction, manufacturing, supply and servicing of hydraulic boom systems in the mining industry and quarries world-wide for more than 35 years and specialise in the supply of complete boom systems to accommodate the specific needs of the user and enhance the safety of the worksite.

Total Rockbreaking Solutions is proud to offer the full range of Rammer boom systems that includes over 40 models from 1,000 kilogram up to 18 tonnes with reaches ranging from 4 metres up to a massive 17 metres. 

Rammer has the right boom for every need, plus the Rammer boom system is the only boom system which can be supplied complete with a genuine Rammer hydraulic rockbreaker as a packaged system from a single supplier.

 New RammerBoom C350


 Rammer cutter crusher 2

The Ultimate Demolition Machine and Support you can trust

A Western Australian-based contractor, Focus Demolition have used several different Rammer equipment such as rockbreakers and multiprocessor in various demolition applications. Encouraged by the product support and service delivery by TRS, Mr Jadd Brown has now added a Rammer RC706 Cutter Crusher to his fleet.  The RC706 will be attached to a 5 tonne Yanmar for demolition works at the Australian Blood Bank commencing this spring.

Rammer RC Cutter Crushers are ideally suited to environmentally sensitive applications where vibration, noise and dust must all be minimised.

Rammer’s RC Cutter-Crusher range features three models, all of which deliver a class leading power to weight ratio. RC504 and RC706, with their lightweight design, can be mounted on carriers from 2.5 up to 9 tonnes, and the RC2022 is the number one choice for carriers between 20 and 40 tonnes.

Specialising in challenging demolition works Focus Demolition with more than 25 staff relies on reliable equipment to complete the works on time.

‘It makes it easier to complete the task when you have the right tools and the reliability of Rammer.  Coupled with the local support from TRS, this gives me the confidence that I can deliver what I promise to my customers’ says Mr Brown.

‘Having now used a range of different Rammer attachments, I can definitely recommend them for any rockbreaking or demolition application. The guys at TRS are easy to deal with, and they get things done promptly and as promised,’ added Mr Brown.



 Sandvik awards TRS

Total Rockbreaking Solutions - Australian Rammer Dealer of the Year

Total Rockbreaking Solutions (TRS) have been awarded with the Australian Rammer Dealer of the Year Award for 2014 by Sandvik Construction Australia.

Sandvik Construction has an Australian Rammer dealer network, with authorised dealers in every state to look after Rammer customers across the Australia and New Zealand.

TRS was established in early 2013 offering a full range of attachments and specialty products for demanding applications such as rockbreaking, demolition, trenching, primary and boulder breaking, scaling, tunnelling and crushing.

TRS is owned and operated by a team of experienced professionals and the directors Jeff Jackson, Mark Godsell and Paul Ingleson have a combined experience of more than 40 years in Rammer Rockbreakers and Boom Systems.

The Rammer name has been associated with the WA mining and construction industry for more than 20 years,  earning a reputation for quality and value for money. Since the appointment as the only authorized Rammer dealer for WA by Sandvik Construction in June 2013, TRS has ensured that existing and new customers receive the industry’s highest-quality support and enjoy the industry leading performance and reliability they have grown to expect from Rammer products. 

David Scurr, Sandvik Construction’s Regional Sales Manager for Breakers, Boom systems and Demolition attachments, said the partnership between Sandvik and TRS has been a positive step forward and boost to the overall business. The TRS team have a proven wealth of experience and provide quality customer service, given the direct feedback I have received from many of their clients.  

 “Our focus is to provide our customers with safe and cost-effective solutions for their applications. With the correct attachment for the job we can help our customers minimise downtime, optimise performance and for larger Boom projects, increase production with System Design and Integration,” said Jeff Jackson, Sales Manager of TRS.

“Many of our customers operate in tough conditions and often in remote locations that require reliable and quality products that will not let them down. We want to ensure our customers have the best product for the job and they receive the service, support and warranty program to maximise the productivity,” said Jeff. 


Sandvik awards TRS


 IMG 33464099 SouthernTrax

When Reliability matters, Rammer is your choice

Southern Traxcavator is currently working at the Lakes Quarry, Western Australia to break oversize surface granite and needed a rockbreaker that delivers a constant and high breaking power.

After trialling a competing breaker, Southern Traxcavator have returned to their initial choice, which they have owned and operated for over 18 years, the Rammer Rockbreakers. Encouraged by the product support and service delivery by Total Rockbreaking Solutions, the authorised Rammer dealer in WA and having seen the reliability of Rammer in the previous applications, it was an easy choice for Southern Traxcavator to stay with Rammer.

“With Rammer I can keep output consistent whereas the competing breaker’s impact energy was directly proportional to the gas pressure – when it started leaking gas it started lose its power and eventually it took ten blows to break a rock instead of five” explains Marc Veccia, Director of Southern Traxcavator.  

Rammer’s advanced membrane technology and patented Fixed Blow Energy operating principle ensure constant high breaking power is maintained at all times. Using a positively sealed high pressure membrane accumulator ensures gas leakage is eliminated. The accumulator does not require constant re-filling or regular servicing of special seals, making Rammer Rockbreakers a reliable and preferred rockbreaker, particularly in remote locations.

With the Rammer 4099 every impact – from first to last – is at maximum power enabling Southern Traxcavator maximise productivity and complete the job without unnecessary interruptions. 

In addition to the high pressure membrane accumulator, the 4099 rockbreaker features Rammer’s revolutionary operating principle, which combines stroke length, blow energy and idle blow protection.

This allows operating parameters and output to be adjusted to match individual carriers and applications, improving hydraulic efficiency and safety.

Two simple working mode selectors allow the rockbreaker to be purpose-matched to individual applications and materials: a long-stroke setting uses a lower blow frequency for optimum breaking in hard materials, such as granite and reinforced concrete foundations, while a short stroke setting delivers higher blow frequency which is ideal for softer materials, such as limestone.

An Idle Blow Protector on/off selector also allows the operator to easily adjust the working mode to provide protection against blank firing.



Maximum Productivity with Interchangeable Jaws

‘Demolition jobs vary and having a versatile demolition tool such as Rammer RD2019 Multiprocessor available saves us time and money as it enables us to complete different types of jobs without having to obtain a whole new assembly’ says Jim Cross, Director of Cross Verwijmeren Pty Ltd. ‘Our new Rammer RD2019, attached to a Caterpillar 320 DL excavator, is currently demolishing an old camp in Pilbara. We are very pleased with the progress and the improvement of safety onsite in using the work tool’.

Rammer RD2019 multiprocessor is engineered for both primary and secondary demolition applications and is suitable for carriers between 16 and 25 tonnes, for crushing concrete, cutting reinforced structures, pulverizing and demolition. RD multiprocessors are designed with interchangeable jaws, to allow them to be adapted to the specific application at hand, ensuring maximum productivity every time.


 RammerC400 Boom cosmicBoy

Rammer Breaker Boom to Boost Productivity in the Cosmic Boy 

Western Areas Ltd, Australia’s class leading nickel producer, with a consistent track record of meeting production targets have acquired a Rammer Breaker Boom package to enhance the safety, productivity and profitability of crushing operations in The Cosmic Boy Concentrator.

The concentrator consists of a three stage crushing circuit, followed by a single closed circuit ball mill and a system of flotation tanks and thickening / filtration system to treat raw nickel bearing ore to produce a consistent nickel concentrate product.

Light weight, multi-purpose Rammer C400 Boom with the Rammer 999 Rockbreaker will be used next to a primary crusher to clear blockages and bridging contributing to quarry’s productivity and enhancing safety as it can be operated directly by the valve levers or by using a Rammer radio control.


 5011 FinnMining

Mighty Rammer5011 Rockbreaker gets the job done for FinnMining

Gavin Kelly, Owner and Operations Manager at FinnMining has reason to smile whilst his recent acquisition, Rammer 5011 hydraulic rockbreaker is powerfully breaking blue rock and preparing the ground works for the new Roy Hill railway line.

Roy Hill is an iron ore mining project in the Chichester Range in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and the 344 kilometres long, heavy haulage railway line will connect the mine site and Port Hedland enabling the transportation of over 150,000 tonnes of iron ore per day when the production is planned to start late next year. Estimated Roy Hill railway contract value will exceed $620 million, and between the commencement in September 2013 and scheduled completion in January 2015 approximately 10.5 million cubic metres of materials will be moved.

Mr Kelly established FinnMining in 2011 and named it after his son, Finn. Employing over 50 staff and specializing in plant hire, with options for wet or dry hire of over 50 excavators and a variety of attachments, FinnMining have to date provided the Roy Hill railway contractors with over 15 earthmoving equipment including two large Rammer hydraulic rockbreakers for bulk excavation and ground works.

FinnMining came across with Rammer rockbreakers when they needed a heavy duty rockbreaker on Barrow Island last September. Mr Kelly talked with a colleague who recommended Rammer. 'I searched online and as a result found Total Rockbreaking Solutions website, which gave me valuable information on the size and style of a breaker that would be suitable for primary breaking on Barrow Island. Within three days Rammer 4099 rockbreaker was delivered and commissioned at the site. Encouraged by product support and service delivery by Total Rockbreaking Solutions Mr Kelly soon arranged two 3288 Rammer rockbreakers for 35 tonne excavators operating in Pilbara region.

In March, a large rockbreaker was needed for the Roy Hill railway ground works application. 'Having seen Rammer 4099 operating in harsh conditions on Barrow Island without missing a beat it was easy decision to acquire another one" says Mr Kelly. Rammer 4099 was delivered to Roy Hill, attached to a 45 tonne excavator and the work to break blue rock could start.

Sandvik Construction Business Line Manager for Breakers, Boom systems and Demolition attachments, David Scurr said that the use of advanced hydraulics, materials technology, strength calculations, impact wave theory and production technology has made Rammer rockbreakers powerful, durable, cost-effective and the undisputed leaders in their class. "Rammer rockbreakers and attachments have been associated with the Western Australian mining and construction industry for more than 20 years, earning a reputation for quality and value for money" he said.

Due to large scale of the operation at Roy Hill the latest addition to FinnMining Rammer fleet is the largest Rammer rockbreaker, 5011. Rammer 5011 has been designed using a revolutionary new operating principle that combines stroke length, blow energy and Rammer's idle blow protector, allowing the rockbreaker to be adjusted to match individual carriers and applications, improving hydraulic efficiency and safety. "This breaker is attached to an 80 tonne excavator and is operating in unforgiving conditions, almost 24/7 in remote location in Roy Hill where reliability is fundamental" says Mr Kelly. With Rammer sealed high pressure membrane accumulator system optimum performance is maintained at all times because membrane accumulator is gas leakage proof and does not require re-fill service or special sealing system unlike some competing breakers. Pressure adjustment valve ensures full impact energy in heavy duty environment.

Rammer 5011 hydraulic rockbreaker also comes backed with the added reassurance – Rammer's Lifetime Warranty that is designed to last for the lifetime of the product, which for a professional user is a maximum of 10 years. The 1,000 hour/one year service intervals have designed to meet the service demands of a product working under normal conditions.

"Features such as Auto Greaser, Lifetime Warranty, RAMDATA, Idle Blow Protection, Rammer reputation and local dealer support give peace of mind that I can deliver what I promise to my customers" says Mr Kelly. FinnMining enjoy the reputation of getting the work done reliably, on time and the fact that the customers return to hire more services from FinnMining speaks for itself.

With a full range of Rammer attachments and specialty products for demanding applications, including rockbreaking, demolition, primary and boulder breaking, scaling, tunnelling, underwater demolition and boom systems Total Rockbreaking Solutions has become synonym for 'one stop attachment shop' in WA. "Total Rockbreaking Solutions are easy to deal with and they get things done promptly and as promised" said Mr Kelly at FinnMining.

5011 FinnMining 2
5011 FinnMining 3


 RammerRD2525 FocusDemolition

Rammer RD2525 takes down the 100 year old bridge on the Seventh Avenue

100 year old bridge on the Seventh Avenue Bridge had reached the end of its working life and had been scheduled to be replaced. With a task to demolish the Seventh Avenue Bridge in Maylands Mr Jadd Brown at Focus Demolition needed a versatile demolition tool he could rely on in long-term. “Having hired the Rammer Multiprocessor in previous demolition jobs, and seen its reliability and power of maximum crushing force of 144 tonne it made sense to enquire about owning my own Rammer Multiprocessor” said Mr Brown.

TRS recommended Rammer Multiprocessor RD2525 for the job as it is extremely versatile and has been engineered to perform a broad array of duties such as crushing concrete, cutting reinforced structures, pulverizing and demolition. Its jaws with pulverizing plates can be changed to a metal shear for demolition of steel reinforced concrete structures and complete the job without having to obtain a whole new assembly. “Features like these and the fact that this demolition application also needed a tool with 360 degree rotation that is a standard feature on RD2525 gave peace of mind that we can carry out this task as efficiently as possible” says Mr Brown.

Work at the Seventh Avenue commenced in early June and RD2525 has lived up to its reputation. Attached to a Hitachi ZX330 the RD2525 is working its way through and half of the Seventh Avenue Bridge is already gone.

Encouraged by product support and service delivery by Total Rockbreaking Solutions Mr Brown soon arranged a Rammer 255 rockbreaker for the Watermans Bay Marine Research Facility refurbishment project. “It makes it easier to complete the task when you have right tools like Rammer 255 and Yanmar mini excavator” comments Mr Caine Gibbons at Focus Demolition who supervises the demolition work at the Marine Centre. 


 WALimestone Rammer4099

WA Limestone choose Rammer

“For over 10 years the Rammer Rockbreakers have been one of our most trusted attachment tools with excellent reliability in harsh conditions”

Steve Della Bona, director of the WA Limestone bought the first Rammer G100 rockbreaker in 2000 to be used at a hard rock quarry in Byford that supplies all types of granite products. After many years of rockbreaking in extreme conditions the first Rammer rockbreaker was replaced by Rammer 4099 at Byford quarry in 2011.

In the past few years WA Limestone has expanded its operations with two hard rock quarries being established in WA and due to increasing demand for specialised rock another Rammer Rockbreaker 4099 was acquired for the Karratha quarry.

“I chose Rammer rockbreaker for its reliability, durability and proven record in Byford quarry. Other brands were considered but due to the remote operation the Rammer sealed accumulator system is far more reliable than the piston accumulator that is offered by competing breakers needing more frequent maintenance due to charging of the gas system”.

WA Limestone is a family owned company that has been operating for over 40 years. With a strong emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, WA Limestone is now one of the biggest suppliers of granite armour stone, magnetite,quarry & construction aggregates, road construction materials, and marine infrastructure in Western Australia.

Total Rockbreaking Solutions is proud to offer reliable and durable Rammer Rockbreakers for WA Limestone to assist them in supplying over 30 different types of raw materials products to contractors, State government, Local government, and the wider Western Australian public.