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New Rammer Boom System at Red Hill Quarry

Rammer Boom C350 takes over the duties of a 20 year old Rammer Boom veteran at Red Hill.

Almost 20 years ago, Hanson acquired a Rammer C330 Boom system with Rammer E64 rockbreaker for their operation at the Red Hill Quarry in WA and since its installation in 1997 it has been operating above a jaw crusher clearing blockages quickly and efficiently. 

Hanson Red Hill Quarry, located 25 kilometres from Perth, is quarrying dolomite, granite, rock and other aggregates for concrete, asphalt, backfill, paving and other civil construction applications. 

Over these years when the Rammer rockbreaker boom system was required to clear blockages and bridging it never missed a beat but this year it was decided that it was time to upgrade the boom system to achieve a longer vertical reach. 

"Other boom systems on the market were explored but having seen the reliability of Rammer and acknowledging Rammer as one of the most recognised and trusted brands on the Australian market it made sense to enquire about acquiring another Rammer breaker boom system" said Red Hill Quarry Manager. 

Total Rockbreaking Solutions, the exclusive authorised Rammer dealer in Western Australia recommended Rammer boom system C350 and Rammer rockbreaker 1655 for the job. 

C350 has a maximum reach of 5.4 metres that is 500mm longer than the previous model and new technology that enables the optimal positioning of a rockbreaker within a crusher's feed, allowing blockages and bridging of rock to be broken and cleared quickly and efficiently. 

Rammer 1655 is a 870 kg rockbreaker with an impact rate of 500 - 940 blows per minute featuring Rammer's patented Fixed Blow Energy operating principle that ensures optimum impact energy with every blow, regardless of hydraulic flow fluctuations. As with most Rammer breakers, the 1655 breaker also comes backed with Rammer's Lifetime Warranty, which for a professional user is a maximum of 10 years. 

"Features like these and the proven reliability ensure that we can carry out this task as efficiently as possible. We are very happy with the Rammer boom – it is working well" said the quarry manager. 

Rammer has experience in the construction, manufacturing, supply and servicing of hydraulic boom systems in the mining industry and quarries world-wide for more than 35 years and specialise in the supply of complete boom systems to accommodate the specific needs of the user and enhance the safety of the worksite. 

Total Rockbreaking Solutions is proud to offer the full range of Rammer boom systems that includes over 40 models from 1,000 kilogram up to 18 tonnes with reaches ranging from 4 metres up to a massive 17 metres. 

Rammer has the right boom for every need, plus the Rammer boom system is the only boom system which can be supplied complete with a genuine Rammer hydraulic rockbreaker as a packaged system from a single supplier. 

New Rammer Boom C350 at Red Hill Quarry

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