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Customised Solution For RTIO

Customised Air Hammer Solution For RTIO.

When the primary crusher gets bogged during clean out activities RTIO Cape Lambert site successfully uses an Air Hammer to un-bog it. The Air Hammer, NPH4500L is attached to a crane and lowered down into the crusher to break bridged rocks.

When the Air Hammer was due for a service RTIO Cape Lambert approached a few companies in Karratha and Perth to discuss service of the Air Hammer and storage issues as well as specific tool requirements. After several enquiries they were referred to TRS.

TRS serviced the hammer and resolved the storage issue with a custom-made storage box so the Air Hammer and tools can be stored in the lay down yard free from dust and rain until required for use. To get better reach in the crusher TRS also manufactured a 3 metres long tool for the Air Hammer.

With a longer tool and effective storage solution the Air Hammer continues to be in use at Cape Lambert. Recently, it was also sent to Panna to break a large rock of Iron Ore that bogged their jaw crusher.

Air Hammer at Cape Lambert site

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