Applications demanding long reach and high breaking power require a Rammer XL1200 boom.

Rammer XL1200 suits applications including gyratory crushers in mines and quarries and grizzlies in mines. These booms, like S- and M-series, feature a triangular design.

The boom pedestal is designed round for even stress distribution into the foundation.


  • Rammer full electricfication
  • Round pedestal
  • Modular design
  • Heat treated conical pins
  • Low height/width design
  • High twist capacity
  • Heavy-duty cylinders
  • Shock absorbing pedestal mounting


  • Gyratory Crushers


Weight 16500 kg
Input power 55 kW
Maximum reach 14.5 m
Nominal horizontal reach (H) 12.2 m
Nominal vertical reach (V) 10.6 m
Swing 170 °
Base diameter 2.29 m


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