A correctly sized hydraulic rockbreaker and suitably positioned boom system is a are well-recognised, safe and reliable solution that can maximise the productivity of any crushing circuit.

However, before purchasing a new rock breaker boom system, it is important to consider four critical factors to maximise the return on investment and ensure optimum performance of the new boom system.

  • Firstly, a hydraulic rockbreaker must be correctly sized by considering all aspects of the application, including rock hardness, rock size, expected duty and the space available.
  • The boom size and reach must be correct to carry the weight of the chosen rockbreaker and meet the reach requirements for the application.
  • Correct position, elevation and working slew angle of the boom system can make a big difference to the useability and maintainability of the system.
  • The boom system has advanced safety systems, automation and remote operation options available to increase safety and efficiency

We at TRS aim to help customers take advantage of the extensive Rammer product range by selecting the right boom and rockbreaker for the job. By packaging this with the correct controls and power pack to match client requirements, and working with customers we can optimise the installation to ensure reliable operation and maximum productivity and serviceability.

By providing integrated control system options we can help customer increase efficiency, safety and reduce cycle times and downtime due to rockbreaking.

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Rammer Boom Systems to enhance safety

With 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and servicing of hydraulic boom systems in the mining industry and quarries world-wide, Rammer is specialising in the supply of complete boom systems to accommodate the specific needs of the user and enhance the safety.

Stringent quality and safety standards are adhered to during manufacturing and due to the high volume production Rammer Booms are extremely economical compared to other boom systems on the market.

Wide range of booms - 40 models from 1 to 18 tonne 

Rammer has the right boom for every need as the Boom Systems range is wide, with 40 models from 1 tonne up to 18 tonnes heavy duty applications, reach from 1 metre up to 17 metres. 

A complete safe turn-key packages comprising rockbreaker, boom system, power pack and full electrification of the system are customized to meet specific customer needs and to ensure the right equipment is positioned in the right place for optimum safety, reliability, durability and productivity.  

View the Rammer Boom System range below.

BoomSafe® - next generation boom control package to improve uptime

Developed specifically for hydraulic boom systems, BoomSafe represents a leap forward in remote operation technology, significantly improving uptime for operations.

BoomSafe combines automated movement sequences and collision prevention with true remote multi-operation capability for rockbreaker boom systems and in addition, it is inherently simple to maintain and customise by site personnel. 

Recent installations in the WA Pilbara have proven that BoomSafe is the most reliable and cost-effective rockbreaker boom automation and remote operation system available in the market.


Boom maintenance service and readily available spare-parts

As an authorised agent for the Rammer range of Boom Systems our certified service personnel conduct scheduled maintenance, refurbishments, hydraulic cylinder testing and change-outs, diagnostics and breakdowns, flow testing, and general inspections to maintain your rockbreaker boom in peak condition at all times. 

Due to high volume production Rammer Booms the standard range of spare parts and tools are readily available globally.

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Rammer Rockbreaker Boom Range, Power Packs and Extension Carriages:

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