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Rammer Rockbreakers come with high pressure membrane accumulator to ensure optimum performance is maintained at all times. This simply means that they maintain their impact energy at all times as they do not leak gas. Gas leakage means loss of impact energy as well as downtime and additional cost due to regular re-gassing.

Constant and High Breaking Power

Rammer’s sealed high pressure membrane accumulator system is gas leakage proof, which means:

  • reduced downtime and safety risks as gas re-fills are not required between major servicing
  • constant and high breaking power
  • maximised productivity and you can complete the job without unnecessary interruptions

It is important to know what type of rockbreaker suits your application. Open the Info sheet to see the difference between the membrane accummulator and piston accummulator style rockbreakers.

Reduced Breaking Times

Rammer’s patented Fixed Blow Energy operating principle ensures every impact - from first to last - is at maximum power, regardless of oil flow, reducing breaking time and maximising productivity.

Reliable and Productive

With industry leading reliability combined with exceptional impact energies, Rammer Rockbreakers are number one in hard rock and mining applications.

  • Rammer 2577 - 4035J *
  • Rammer 3288 - 5200J *
  • Rammer 4099 - 8050J *               * Rammer Factory verified

Reduced Operating Costs

Due to constant product development and innovations Rammer Rockbreakers are the most efficient rockbreakers on the market with a long reputation for having the lowest total cost of ownership of all premium breakers.

Optimised performance with Rammer accessories

See Rammer accessories that enable the tool system to be tailored to meet different demands in different applications and working environments, and to optimize the system to give higher productivity, even greater reliability and reduced operating costs, with minimal environmental impact.


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