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Right Tool is a key to productivity

Choosing the right tool for the job will have a major impact upon the power and productivity of your rockbreaker. First, it is vital to determine if the job is an “impact” or “penetrative” breaking application. Rammer has several tool models designed with “job specific” work requirements, providing excellent value, long life and maximum performance.

Impact Applications

In “impact” applications, it is important to identify the level of abrasive characteristics in the material. Rammer Super Blunt tools provide excellent wear characteristic and long life in applications involving highly abrasive oversize materials, for example high silica content boulders.

Penetrative Applications

Primary breaking of hard rock will require Hard rock chisel tool. This tool is geometrically designed for the highest production possible and a long service life.

Penetrative applications such as breaking of limestone and non-reinforced concrete require Limestone chisel tool which is designed specifically for faster penetration while reducing the idle blow effects found in soft material applications.

Higher Production and Lower Operating Costs

Correctly matching the right tool to the job application is critical to achieving the highest level of production with lowest possible operating costs. 

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Right Tool - Right Job

Genuine Rammer parts and tools have superior durability due to correct raw materials and specialized in-house heat treatment. The dimensions are always correct and there is right tool for every application as the tools are designed together with the rockbreakers.

Sandvik/Rammer's investments in a research program, innovative tool designs and world wide test programs have resulted in tools with improved wear characteristics and greater durability and therefore offering longer service life and better value for our customers. Several of the new tools have been designed with job specific requirements in mind. 

Standard Chisel Tool

The Standard Chisel Tool is design to suply the breaking means to tackle hard rock and re-enforced concrete.

  • For nonabrasive but tough rock or concrete
  • For material which has low or medium penetration rate
 standard chisel  
Hard Rock Chisel Tool

When the task at hand is harder than most tools are designed to handle, the Hard Rock Chisel is the #1 choice to make short work of abrasive rocks.

  • Hard and abrasive rock with fractures
  • For application where drilling and blasting cannot be used
  • Materials with low penetration rate
hard rock


Limestone and Concrete Chisel Tool
Limestone Chisel Tool is used in application with high penetration rate. Wedge of tool is large which decrease penetration and so increase control of tool and avoid tool pin strokes.
  • Very soft and easily breaking, non-abrasive rock or concrete
  • For rock which has high penetration rate


Blunt Tool

The Standard Blunt tool is designed to deliver the full force of a hammers impact energy directly into the hard materials that it has been designed to tackle.

  • Hard rock with low or medium abrasive rock
  • Boulder breaking or concrete demolition
  • Application where tool wear rate is low


Moil Point Tool 

Moil Point tools allow for optimum positioning in material which are loose or can be easily separated, eg brick walls or loose rock in tunnels.

  • Where chisels have excessive retaining pin groove wear
  • Soft and nonabrasive rock
  • General demolition of concrete
 moil point  


Super Blunt Tool

is designed to deliver the maximum force of a hammers impact energy directly into the boulders that it has been designed to break. The Super Blunt is only designed to be used in boulders breaking applications, where it provides 1.5 to 3 times more wear life than a standard blunt tool.

  • Hard and abrasive rock
  • Only for boulder breaking
  • 1.5-3 times more wear life than standard blunt in very abrasive applications
 super blunt


Pyramid Point Tool

The Pyramid Tool makes light work out of breaking nonabrasive materials of all strengths. Nonabrasive materials which allow a high penetration rate, especially concrete, are short work for the Pyramid tool.

  • Soft, nonabrasive and tough rock and especially concrete
  • Materials requiring high penetration rate
  • Where chisels have excessive retaining
    pin groove wear




 Compact Range / Trapezoidal Tool

Tool diameter's vary from 104mm (4.1in) to 150mm (5.9in), giving these tools a high production rate and long service life, making the Compact Range's tools unbreakable. The Compact range's Trapezoidal tool are backed by a lifetime warranty against breakages

  • Breaking concrete
  • Hard or frozen ground
  • Road surface or asphalt


 compact range
Compacting Tool

The Ground compacting tool allows compatible hammers to double in function as a ground compactor, removing the need to have a specialized compacting attachments or machines at smaller job sites.

  • Ground compacting
Asphalt Cutting Tool

The Asphalt Cutting Tools are ideal for cutting through materials such as asphalt and frozen or compact ground. The Asphalt Cutting Tool allows the material to be broken in such a precise manner that it is ideal for road or pavement repair work.

  • Frozen or compact ground
  • Asphalt
asphalt cutting 
Customised Special Tools

We can produce special tools according to your specific needs. In special cases the tool shape and diameter can variate and the lenght up to 3 meters. 

See how RTIO Cape Lambert uses their Air Hammer with a custom manufactured 3 metres long tool. 

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Ensure your warranty remains valid

We supply all genuine Rammer parts, tools and consumables for all your needs. As an authorised dealer for Rammer in WA, we are the only company who can service your Rammer equipment ensuring current warranties remain valid and fully supported by the factory.

Our Rammer trained technicians use Rammer Genuine parts only and we also offer product training on our products as well as operator training to ensure that you are achieving the maximum return on your capital investment.

Full workshop rebuilds and servicing to all brands and attachment sizes available for your convenience. Check out our service brochure for more details. 

Your Rammer Tools and Parts specialist

Contact us for any tools, parts or accessory enquiries or concerns and to order Tools, Parts or Grease call us on 1300 921 498 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Tool Maintenance

Rockbreaker tool is a wear part and tool consumption is one of the key contributors to wear part costs. But with thorough and regular tool maintenance, you can reduce those costs. Download the Parts and Tools brochure for tool analysis on page 17.

When operator is carrying out the tool maintenance, ensure proper safety clothes are worn and the tool is not touched immediately after the rockbreaker has been working as it is extremely hot.  

Tool Lubrication and correct greasing practice

Rockbreaker tool is subject to extreme wear that requires proper lubrication and care to achieve a long, trouble free life. Tool lubricant must have properties to withstand high temperature and extreme pressure. We supply special tool lubricants and automatic tool lubrication systems which have been especially designed to work with Rammer products.

The greasing practice depends on application and operating method. Tool grease consumption is higher in applications where the tool is penetrating and movements are longer than in impact breaking applications where the tool is steadily against thrust ring. Greasing should be increased in dusty applications.

You can find instructions for correct greasing practices from the operator’s manual, although the operator should adjust suitable practice for the application on a daily basis. The proper procedure is reached when wet grease is visible about the length equal to tool diameter on the tool just beneath the housing bottom plate.

Tool sharpening

Genuine Rammer tools can be reconditioned by milling or turning machine and plaining. When sharpening the tool it is important that the working temperature does not exceed 200°. Never use gas cutting tools as they soften the tool and causes micro-cracks that may lead to breakages. Ask us about the same day chisel sharpening service.

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Rockbreaker accessories range from simple, practical auxiliary kits to advanced automatic lubrication systems, digital health monitoring systems and effective dust suppression systems. Their purpose is to enable the tool system to be tailored to meet different demands in different applications and working environments, and to optimize the system to give higher productivity, even greater reliability and reduced operating costs, with minimal environmental impact.



AGW -  Air, Grease & Water

The AGW (Air, Grease & Water) service box is designed to be mounted on any excavator, to act as a mobile service unit for any Rammer Rockbreaker, supplying Air, Grease and water. 

 The Rammer AGW Service Unit is capable of supplying a steady flow of:

  • Air - for added dust protection
  • Grease - automatic greasing of the hammer increases the hammers life span and reduces wear.
  • Water - for added dust protection.
  agw boxi auki 
Automatic lubrication systems - RamLube I, RamLube II and RamLube III 

Automatic lubrication system designed to ensures a long, trouble-free life specifically for hydraulic rockbreakers.

Ramlube I kit can be used for lubricating all the rockbreaker tools. Small rockbreakers might need an electronic timer to limit the amount of grease. Big rockbreakers and breakers with two greasing points need, in some cases, another pump element.

The pump unit is electrically operated. The high operation pressure, 300 bar max. makes it possible to use greases up to NLGI 2-class.

Ramlube II greasing device can be installed on all Rammer Large Range rockbreakers. The kit consists of a greasing device, hoses and a mounting plate tailored for different rockbreaker models.

The greasing device is operated by the hydraulic pressure from the rockbreakers's pressure fitting. The unit is installed to the rockbreaker's housing with a mounting plate and no external electric cables or hydraulic hoses are needed. Ramlube II contains a replaceable 500-gram grease cartridge.

Ramlube III is an integrated lubrication device mounted inside the rockbreaker’s housing on the power cell, it provides maximum lubrication whilst only using minimum grease amount, prolonging the tool and bushing life. The location of Ramlube III also provides full protection of moisture and dust.

   Hammermaintenance RamLubeII

The Ramona monitoring analyzer is used to analyze rockbreaker operation and performance. It utilises advanced electronics within the rockbreaker hydraulic system to deliver up-to-the-minute condition and performance data to the operator, identifying abnormalities in operating conditions and pre-empting potential failures before they occur.The system also stores statistical information for further analysis and warns and guides the operator for better operating habits.

By monitoring hydraulic oil temperature, rockbreaker operating pressure and blow frequency, Ramona can also be connected to our systems to inform us of rockbreaker malfunctions and impending problems.

Ramona instrumentation consists of the analysis unit, transmitter and Ramcom software and can be accessed by modem via SMS text messaging, computer or direct cable connection. 


Ramdata II uses advanced electronics to sense the impacts, and stresses on the rockbreaker. It is a service indicator device designed to help operators and service personnel to get information about the service interval status, service history and accumulated working history of a rockbreaker.

Ramdata II is a standard feature of the 3288, 4099 and 5011. 


The Ramair air flush system is designed to prevent dirt from entering the rockbreaker housing and keep the tool grease flowing towards the lower tool bushing.

It's most beneficial in applications where the material is highly abrasive and dusty. Ramair is also recommended for applications where the rockbreaker working position is horizontal or above, such as tunneling and scaling applications.

Special Tool Grease

Tool grease is an essential when using most hydraulic hammers, it needs to withstand high temperatures and pressure. Rammer Special Tool Grease does just that, it keeps on working and keeping your hammer working when ordinary tool greases have melted away.


To order Tools, Parts or Grease call us on 1300 921 498 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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