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Total Rockbreaking Solutions' Corporate brochure

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Rammer rockbreakers

Large range
Medium range
Small range
Compact range
Parts & Tools


Rammer rockbreaker Boom Systems

Rockbreakers and Boom Systems TRS
Rockbreaker Boom Systems Rammer


Automation, Collision Prevention and Remote Operation

BoomSafe - Smart Boom Technology
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Rammer Demolition Attachments

Rotating Pulverizers  -  RPV14R  |  RPV22R  |  RPV29R  |  RPV39R
Static Pulverizers  -  RPV03S  |  RPV07S  |  RPV14S  |  RPV22S  |  RPV30S  |  RPV40S
Scrap Shears  -  RSS08R  |  RSS11R  |  RSS15R  |  RSS23R RSS34R  |  RSS45R  |  RSS58R  |  RSS80R
Cutter Crushers  -  RCC04R  |  RCC16R  |  RCC21R  |  RCC30R  |  RCC43R  |  RCC80R  |  RCC110R

Simex Attachments




 ALLU Buckets


Daehan Grapples


GTS Diamond Saw


TEFRA Quick Hitch


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