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Total Rockbreaking Solutions' Corporate brochure

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Rammer rockbreakers

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Medium range
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Rammer rockbreaker Boom Systems

Rockbreakers and Boom Systems TRS
Rockbreaker Boom Systems Rammer


Automation, Collision Prevention and Remote Operation

BoomSafe - Smart Boom Technology
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Rammer Demolition Attachments

Rotating Pulverizers  -  RPV14R  |  RPV22R  |  RPV29R  |  RPV39R
Static Pulverizers  -  RPV03S  |  RPV07S  |  RPV14S  |  RPV22S  |  RPV30S  |  RPV40S
Scrap Shears  -  RSS08R  |  RSS11R  |  RSS15R  |  RSS23R RSS34R  |  RSS45R  |  RSS58R  |  RSS80R
Cutter Crushers  -  RCC04R  |  RCC16R  |  RCC21R  |  RCC30R  |  RCC43R  |  RCC80R  |  RCC110R

Simex Attachments

New Products in 2016
Self Levelling Planers
Swinging Self Levelling Planers
Crusher Buckets for Excavators
Crusher Bucket for Skid Steers
Twin Header Rock Grinders
Trenching Wheels
Compaction Wheels for Excavators
Compaction Wheels for Skid Steers
Asphalt Floats
Screening Buckets
Wheel Saws
Wheel Saws for set-section trenching
Self-Levelling Wheel Saws




  ALLU Buckets


 Daehan Grapples


 GTS Diamond Saw


 TEFRA Quick Hitch


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