Fixed-section trenching, cutting and micro-trenching

When your application requires small fixed-section trenching i.e. for the laying of utilities up to a maximum depth of 800mm and width of 30-250 mm asphalt, concrete and rock Simex T wheel excavators are your solution.

With high level of visibility, wheel protection at all depths and hydraulic piston motors with direct wheel drive provide you with safety and high performance for the works requiring cutting small sections of trenches on hard or compacted surfaces.

Wheels are available in different widths making the Wheel Excavators versatile and to meet requirements of many different fixed-section trenching. The range of Simex T wheel excavators can be used with skid steer loaders as well as backhoe loaders or compact track loaders. Models T700 and T800 come with optional hydraulic depth adjustment and scraper and both work in reverse. Full wheel protection at any working depth ensures maximum safety of persons and property.



  • CLEAN TRENCH: The trench clearing device is a blade that is hydraulically activated to enter the trench during excavation; it makes sure the trench is clean and emptied in preparation for utilities installation.
  • MATERIAL DISCHARGE: Discharged material, which can be reused later to backfill the trench, is normally expelled to the right and left. One of the discharge outlets can be closed to allow discharge to one side only (useful for roadside trenching).
  • WHEEL SECTORS: The disk has removable and interchangeable sectors to quickly adjust to the trench width while using the same base disk.






Technical Specifications  

SPECIFICATIONS T300  T450  T600 T700 T800
Trench width (mm) standard 80 130 130 80-200 250
Trench depth (mm) 200-300 150-450  200-600  500-700 450-800
Scraper       optional -
Depth adjustment - hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
Side shift hydraulic  hydraulic  hydraulic  hydraulic hydraulic
Operating weight (kg) (1) (2) 665 1115 1340 1485-1635* 1430
Required oil flow (l/min) 60-140 80-160 90-160 110-160 110-160
Required oil pressure (bar) (3) 300-160 300-160 300-160 300-180 300-180

(1) User is responsible for ensuring that the equipment meets the prime mover’s specifications and weight requirements.

(2) Standard wheel and trench clearing device.

(3) Pressure must be inversely proportional to the flow rate available and vice versa. 

(*) With scraper and wheel at maximum width.


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