Rammer RD807 Demolition Shear/Multi Processor, $22,000 + GST

Ex-Demo Rammer RD Demolition Shear/Multi Processor with a maximum jaw opening of 494mm, high speed and very high cutting and crushing force will enhance productivity in your demolition jobs.

RD807 suits 6 - 10 tonne excavator and is ideal for both primary and secondary demolition applications.

Quality European product requires minimal maintenance and ensures high productivity with its short cycle time (min total cycle time 2.5 seconds). High speed is automatically combined with the full cutting and crushing force by high speed valve. RD807 combines the speed and force that are critical for high productivity.  

Serial Number RD7RA2111
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Rammer RC706 Cutter Crusher, $19,500 + GST

Ex-Demo Rammer RC Demolition Cutter Crusher with a maximum jaw opening of 400mm, 750kN cutting force and 240kN crushing force delivers a class leading power to weight ratio.

Rammer RC706 has full 360 degree rotation, suits 4 - 9 tonne excavator and requires minimal maintenance. When it comes to the demolition of reinforced concrete, Rammer Cutter Crusher has been designed to get the job done.

Serial Number 141259 110282

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Rammer 155 Rockbreaker for skid steers, $3,500 + GST

Fully refurbished Rammer 155 Small Range rockbreaker is one of the fastest hitting hydraulic rockbreakers on the market. It features in integrated tubular membrane type accumulator which maximises its surface area to deliver the maximum breaking power.

Weighing in at 72 kg, the Rammer 155 rockbreaker is suitable for mini excavators/tractor backhoes in the 0.8 – 1.8 tonne operating weight range or skid steers/robots in the 0.6 – 1.3 tonne operating weight range. With a working length of 884mm Rammer 155 rockbreaker delivers impact rate frequency of 1,000 – 2,600 bpm.

Unit is complete with head bracket to suit CAT 301.4 excavator.

Serial Number 155A0031 
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CAT H55 Rockbreaker for skid steers, $7,500 + GST

Fully Refurbished CAT H55 rockbreaker is compact and powerful and ideal solution when your rockbreaker needs to fit into tight spaces i.e. working inside a building. CAT H55 offers the flexibility to mount to a variety of skid steers and mini excavators in the 2.4 – 5.9 tonne operating weight range.

CAT H55 is ideal for sidewalk, driveway, curb, and cinder block demolition delivering impact rate frequency of 600 – 1,680 bpm. CAT H55 can be fitted with a range of tools and you can use the H55 to chisel asphalt, punch through concrete, or smash oversized rock.

Unit is complete with backing plate to suit skid steer loader.

Serial Number BWM03537

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Daehan DHRS03 Full Rotating Grapple, $12,800 + GST

Brand NEW. Exhibited at the show. This versatile and powerful Daehan grapple features unlimited clockwise and anti-clockwise 360 degree rotation, enclosed check valve for safety and big cylinder for maximum power.

With a weight of 370kg, maximum jaw opening of 1,300mm this Daehan Multi Grapple is ideal for loading scrap, garbage, demolition debris and waste paper. Daehan DHRS03 is suitable for carries in the 4 - 6 tonne operating weight range and can be used in a variety of applications i.e. landscaping, recycling and forestry. 

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Rammer 2155 Rockbreaker, $22,000 + GST

Fully Refurbished with 3-month warranty. With a weight of 1,280 kg Rammer 2155 suits excavator weight range of 16 - 26 tonne and features the latest generation VIDAT tie rods, on-board Auto Greaser and Membrane Accumulator. 

  • Oil flow range: 120-180 l/min
  • Tool Diameter:118 mm

This fully refurbished rockbreaker has new upper and lower tool bushings, seal set, membranes and Chisel tool. It has been fully tested on our test bench with no leaks and it will be supplied with a head bracket to suit your excavator, connecting hoses and commissioning in the Perth Metro.

Serial Number 55BD0244

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