The Giant Rammer 9033 has been designed and manufactured to the highest of standards offering the most powerful, durable and reliable rockbreaker solution for your tough and remote applications.

Weighing in at 7 tonnes, the new Rammer 9033 is suitable for carriers in the 60 to 120 tonnes operating weight range. Impact rate on the long stroke setting is a maximum of 520 blows per minute with a maximum oil flow of 460 litres per minute and input power is 185 hp (113 to 138 kW). This means a 20 percent wider carrier weight range and a 22 percent higher input power which significantly increases impact rate and productivity compared to its predecessor, Rammer 7013. 

Stroke length and Idle Blow Protection can be easily adjusted to allow the Rammer 9033 to be purpose-matched to individual applications. The long stroke setting uses a lower blow frequency for optimum breaking in hard materials, such as granite and reinforced concrete foundations, while the short stroke setting delivers higher blow frequency which is ideal for softer materials, such as limestone. The Idle Blow Protector on/off selector allows the operator to easily adjust the working mode to protect against idle strokes.



  • Twin-handed
  • Flange mounting
  • Heavy Duty Housing
  • RamValve
  • Ramlube I (Optional)
  • Ramlube II (Optional)
  • Membrane type accumulator
  • FBE (Fixed blow energy)
  • VIDAT tie rods
  • Idle blow protector (Optional)
  • Stroke selector


  • Primary Demolition/Breaking
  • Boulder Breaking
  • Concrete and Stone Demolition
  • Trenching
  • Secondary Demolition/Breaking
  • Tunneling



Minimum working weight, flange mounted  *1 7000 kg
Working length 3707 mm
Impact rate (long stroke) 300 - 520 bpm
Impact rate (short stroke) 355 - 645 bpm
Operating pressure 170 - 180 bar
Pressure relief min  *2 230 bar
Pressure relief max 240 bar
Oil flow range 360 - 460 l/min
Back pressure max 10 bar
Input power 138 kW
Tool diameter 215 mm
Optimum oil temperature 40 - 60 °C
Allowed oil temperature range -20 - 80 °C
Optimum oil viscosity at operating temperature 30 - 60 cSt
Allowed viscosity range 20 - 1000 cSt
Carrier weight, optimum  *3 60 - 120 t
Noise level, measured (2000/14/EC) 124 dB (A)
Noise level, guaranteed (2000/14/EC) 128 dB(A)
*1   Includes average mounting bracket and standard tool
*2   Minimun setting = actual operating pressure + 50 bar or 725 psi
*3   Check carrier allowed attachment weight from carrier manufacturer. Check application requirements.


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