NEW Giant Rammer 9033!

The largest hydraulic rockbreaker in the Rammer range, Rammer 9033 was launched at the ConExpo in Las Vegas in March. 

Rammer 9033 will replace the Rammer 7013 offering 20 percent wider carrier weight range and a 22 percent higher input power which significantly increases impact rate and productivity compared to its predecessor.

Like the other models in Rammer’s Large Range of hydraulic rockbreakers, the new 9033 is designed for a long, trouble-free life. The new model utilizes long-life, high-tension VIDAT tie rods for improved reliability and lower operating costs. The tool-retaining pins are locked by simple, reliable rubber rings, while the surface of the lower tool bushing has been specifically designed to provide longer tool life.

Easily adjustable Stroke length allows the Rammer 9033 to be purpose-matched to individual applications and ensure optimum breaking whether it is hard materials, such as granite and reinforced concrete foundations or softer materials, such as limestone.


Rammer Large range Rockbreakers

Rammer’s large range of rock breakers have been designed with professional users in mind, making each rock breaker powerful, durable and reliable package, which is why they have been the preferred choice among large breaker professionals worldwide. Manufactured with a heavy duty housing and lower boot made from wear resistant steel, all models are extremely durable and allow for ease of maintenance, all the while setting the class standard, regardless of the application.

For features, applications and specifications of each rock breaker click the links below or view the Rammer Large Range brochure.

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