The use of advanced hydraulics, materials technology, strength calculations, impact wave theory and production technology have enabled Rammer to create hydraulic rocbkreakers that are powerful, durable, cost-effective and the undisputed leaders in their class. A Pressure control valve ensures that every blow is delivered with maximum power, while an optimised piston design transfers blow energy efficiently for optimum breaker performance.

Designed to be a professional unit

There are many reasons as to why the Rammer Large Range of hydraulic rockbreakers are the preferred choice among large breaker professional users across the world. Manufactured with a heavy duty housing and a wear resistant lower boot for maximum wear resistance, Large Range of rockbreakers are reliable regardless of the application and designed to be easily maintained to ensure lower lifetime ownership costs.

A membrane type accumulator protects the carrier from hydraulic pulsations and eliminates the need for weekly maintenance. A built-in grease port and channels make Auto Lube and/or Rammer’s own Ramlube installation easy and ensures efficient lubrication.

A built-in Air port/channel enables easy underwater conversion or the usage of Rammer’s RamAir either in tunneling applications and/or dusty environments for a longer wear part life span.

Remote monitoring

All Large range of Rammer rock breakers have integrated smart technology for easier fleet management and more efficient processes. The first ever remote monitoring system for hydraulic rock breakers, RD3 provides:

  • real-time data on operating hours,
  • how the rockbreaker is being operated,
  • advice on service intervals and
  • exact location of the equipment 

For features, applications and specifications of each rock breaker click the links below or view the Rammer Large Range brochure.