Whether your application is primary breaking, primary or secondary demolition, trenching, asphalt cutting, ground compacting, metallurgical industry or specialised areas such as scaling, tunneling and underwater demolition Rammer has a solution.

The Rammer brand has been setting standards for breaking for over three decades and was the first brand to offer large and heavy duty hydraulic rockbreakers for tough conditions. With Rammer’s sealed high pressure membrane accumulator system optimum performance is maintained at all times because the membrane accumulator is gas leakage proof and does not require re-fill or any special sealing system. Constant and high breaking power is ensured without need for gas re-charging or regular maintenance making Rammer Rockbreakers a reliable and productive partner for your carrier, particularly in remote locations. Rammer’s patented Fixed Blow Energy operating principle ensures maximum impact energy regardless of the operating oil flow. This means that every impact – from first to last – is at maximum power, regardless of oil flow or frequency, reducing breaking time and maximising productivity.

Rammer's comprehensive range of powerful, productive and durable hydraulic rockbreakers are suitable for carriers in the 0.6 to 120 tonnes operating weigh class. For features, applications and specifications of each rock breaker range follow the links below.


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The Rammer Compact range of hydraulic hammers are extremely versatile and are designed to be utilized in an infinite number of applications.

Rammer 108, Rammer 211,

Rammer Large Range

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The use of advanced hydraulics, materials technology, strength calculations, impact wave theory and production technology have enabled Rammer to create hydraulic hammers that are powerful, durable, cost-effective and the undisputed leaders in their class.

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Rammer's small range hydraulic hammers are your reliable long life solution to any breaking application for carriers between 1.0 and 12.5 tonne.

Rammer 155, Rammer 255,
Scaller Range
Rammer's scaler range is a specialty range of hydraulic hammers designed to meet the application specific and demanding requirements that are associated with scaling.
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Rammer's Medium Range hydraulic hammers are designed to get the job done, and the fully inclosed housing, makes no job to dirty, nor no condition to tough!

Rammer 1533,