RotatingPulveriser rpv22rDurable

Rotating Pulverizer range comprises of four models that are suitable for carriers in the 10 to 45 tonnes operating weight class. Like the other Rammer demolition tools, the RPV Series is manufactured from HB400 steel, featuring heat-treated pins and bushes for a long service life.

Minimised operating costs

A full hydraulic rotation, which is protected by a rotation protection system, facilitates more precise alignment for faster cycle times and greater productivity. A speed valve system reduces cycle times for greater productivity, and helps reduce stress on the hydraulic components, extending their life and reducing owning costs. The RPV jaws are designed to allow crushed material to escape from the crushing area, reducing clogging, minimizing maintenance and increasing productivity.

Simplified maintenance

The RPV Series has also been designed for simplified maintenance, with easy access to key components. Cutting blades and wear parts can be changed on-site without special tooling to return the Pulverizer to factory specifications. 

The Rammer RPV Rotating Pulverizer range is ideally suited to a wide range of primary and secondary demolition duties. The built in rotation that comes as standard on RPV Rotating range allows for added manoverability for fast and effective material separation. 

For features, applications and specifications of each Rotating Pulverizer model click the links below: