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feed materials can be transformed into valuable products that can be reused onsite.

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need for transportation of waste or replacement materials will be minimised. 

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reduced number of process steps will save you time and increase your bottom line.


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ALLU Transformers are purpose built for efficient material processing by reducing the number of process steps needed and transforming waste into useable material. This results in substantial savings in material, time and transport costs that means improved productivity and profitability to our ALLU customers.

ALLU has the widest range of screening buckets and screener light crushers on the market. The units fit for almost any base machine size starting from the most compact ALLU DL Series to the massive ALLU M Series that will fit up to 160 tonnes excavator.

Manufactured for over 30 years and distributed to over 30 countries, reliable ALLU Transformers are now available in WA.

See the video about pipeline trench excavation and how the excavated material is screened and used as backfill.


Reduce waste and Increase your bottom line

Construction applications

Over the recent years, disposing of construction waste has become a lot more expensive. Landfill levy rates have increased in WA from $8 per tonne in December 2014 to the current $70 per tonne.

It is common practice to remove fill from site, then to bring clean material back to achieve required compaction etc. This means you are paying $70/tonne in disposal costs, $2–$3/kilometre to run your truck to the waste facility, then you buy clean fill and again pay $2–$3/kilometre to bring product back to your site. This also involves considerable use of valuable time on your project.

Rather than allowing waste to become an increasing cost, you can use ALLU Transformer bucket and process your existing fill on site, thereby eliminating most of the above costs.

Mining applications

Efficient material flow is a key issue in any mining operation, power plant, bulk harbour and bulk material or storage area.

ALLU Transformer Screener Buckets mounted on an excavator improve efficiency in material processing due to work speed and reach which results in almost double the processing capacity compared to a slow-moving wheel loader as a carrier.

With ALLU’s Screener Crusher technology, existing loaders and excavators can be converted into effective sorting and screening equipment due to the ALLU Transformers ability to deliver a one-step screening and loading solution capable of handling all materials from wet soils to coal and rock. This helps improve efficiencies through less chute blockages and also reduces the need for buffer storage areas and transportation of material heaps that are clogged due to moisture or contamination.

“When looking at a project with a holistic approach given multiple equipment mobilisations, fuel costs and cost to process in low margin return Ore reclaiming projects etc. ALLU Case studies have shown between $1.50-$2.50 / T saving in running costs in comparison to multiple unit processing configurations.” The Australian Mining Review (Aug 2019, 88-89).

ALLU Transformer M series of buckets for mining applications suit 50-160 tonne excavators and 30-90 tonne wheel loaders. To meet the specific needs of each application a range of blade and drum sizes are available to provide fragment sizes of 50, 75, 100 and 150mm.

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Material processing revolutionised - Allu screens, mixes and loads in one go. wet or dry.

There is no longer a need to bring both an excavator and a screener on site when the ALLU TRANSFORMER converts the base machine into a mobile processing plant and screens, pulverises, aerates, mixes, separates and loads the materials you work with.

And best of it all, ALLU Transformer will process just about anything; topsoil, excavated and waste soil, contaminated soil, clay, peat, bark, compost, biowaste, demolition waste, construction waste, milled asphalt, glass, coal, oil shale, limestone and several other materials.

Unique design of screening blades and combs ensure the screening bucket is clog-free and maintains good production even with wet materials. The ALLU also does not require shaking of the machine (like a screening bucket), and hence has much greater control and is much safer for your machine, operator and surrounding environment.

ALLU records the actual throughput

Operators can ensure that the very best performance is obtained from the attachment with ALLU DARE Data Reporting System. It records bucket count, processing time, total working time and processed tonnes and all the information can be viewed and analysed via ALLU app. This enables contractors to provide more accurate quotes and estimate finish times on future projects.


Some applications and benefits of the ALLU Transformer series include:

Pipeline and cable excavation - backfilling / padding

By using ALLU Pipeline Padder the excavated soil does not have to be transported away and replaced with new soil. This means significant savings in material and transport costs. No time is lost when waiting for replacement material. At the same time binders can be mixed, if the job requires stabilization.

Landscaping and Agriculture

The ALLU DL Transformer Series makes the perfect attachment for landscaping and agricultural applications. From composting to aerating, top soil screening to waste and debris processing, all can be carried out on site. This truly mobile solution provides the versatility and flexibility to let you work more efficiently in the most challenging environments.

Earthmoving and Demolition

Through using ALLU Transformer attachment excavated soil and rubble will not need to be transported away and replaced with fresh soil. Not only does this result in substantial savings in material and transport costs, but no time is lost when waiting for replacement material. Additionally, binders can be mixed if the material handling includes additive requirements or stabilization.

Mining processes, Quarrying and Aggregates

Pulverising and loading of raw material (e.g. soft lime stone) can be completed in one cycle. The process change reduces the need for buffer storage and extra material transportation, with capital expenditure being lower than for large stationary processing stations. This speeds up the transportation from one site to another and in some cases even eliminating the need for electricity thus delivering further cost savings and flexibility.


Working principle


Allu phase1 220x220px
Phase 1
  • start
Allu phase2 220x220px
Phase 2
  • Screening & Pulverising of material
  • Normal drum rotation
  • Optimal material flow and circulation
  • Minimal vaulting
  • Approx. 2/4 of full bucket
Allu phase3 220x220px
Phase 3
  • Reversed drum rotation
  • approx. 1/4 of full bucket