have been designed to perform a broad array of duties, regardless of if it is a primary or secondary demolition application, crushing, cutting or material separation.

Recently launched new line of demolition tools have been designed to meet the specific and ever-changing needs of this demanding industry and share many of the design features and the manufacturing quality characteristics that have made Rammer hydraulic rockbreaker range the preferred choice of quarry operators and demolition contractors across the globe.

The new Rammer demolition tools provide greater versatility, enhanced productivity, improved wear resistance and simplified maintenance.


Rammer RPV Rotating Pulverizers


Rammer RPV Static Pulverizers


Rammer RSS Scrap Shears


Rammer RMP Multiprocessors

 RotatingPulveriser rpv22r    STaticPulveriser rpv14s    ScrapShearsrss45r    Multiprocessor rmp22r

The Rammer RPV Rotating Pulverizer range is ideally suited to a wide range of primary and secondary demolition duties; from concrete crushing to recycling.

The built in rotation that comes as standard on RPV Rotating range allows for added manoverability for fast and effective material separation, a key aspect of the recycling process.

Rammer RPV Rotating Pulverizer range is ideally suited for carriers from 10 to 45 tonnes. 


The Rammer RPV Static Pulverizer range is ideally suited to a wide range of secondary demolition and recycling duties.

The RPV range of models are designed for fast and effective material separation, a key aspect of the recycling process.

Rammer RPV Static Pulverizer range is ideally suited for carriers from 1.5 to 45 tonnes.


The RSS Scrap Shears can be used in every industrial demolition job involving the cutting and recovery of ferrous materials such as iron  sections, pipes, tanks, railway carriages etc.

Rammer RSS Scrap Shear range is ideally suited for carriers from 2 to 60 tonnes. 


Rammer's RMP Multiprocessors range is a versatile range of products suited for both primary and secondary demolition applications.

This range consists of a main structure, to which it is possible to mount different types of jaws transforming the RMP Multiprocessor into a dedicated attachment for your application: demolition of structures, reduction and fragmentation of material up to the cutting of ferrous materials.



 Rammer RCC Cutter Crushers


 Rammer RGP Grapples

 CutterCrusher rcc30r    GRapple rgp16r        

The Rammer RCC Cutter-Crusher range models feature dual cylinders and a robust design.

The RCC Cutter-Crusher range models are an efficient alternative to other demolition methods and are ideally suited to environmentally sensitive applications where low vibration, noise and duct are of concern, and thanks to two powerful cylinders, the 360° rotation and the materials used, this attachment is the best solution for standard and high reach demolition.

Rammer RCC Cutter Crusher range is ideally suited for carriers from 3 to 130 tonnes.


Rammer RGP Grapples have been designed and tested with demolition in mind.

The RGP Grapples are suitable for demolition and material handling applications: robust for heavy work, but also accurate for picking and sorting applications. They offer large volume for bulk loading, making it also ideal for waste handling.

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