Innovations that help you work faster and safer

Simex range of innovative equipment allows you to work more efficiently, faster and most importantly, safer. Whether the job is road maintenance, trenching, construction of underground utilities, tunnel excavation, quarrying or profiling Simex has a solution. 

 Simex Selflevelling Planer  RotaryCutterinAction 500x500px  Simex Grusher Bucket  SimexTrencher500x500px

Milling and Stabilising

Simex Planers are designed for milling and stabilising asphalt or concrete. The waste material can be recycled on site reducing the impact on the environment.


Trenching, Quarries and Tunnels

Simex Twin Header Rock Grinders are ideal attachment for tunnelling and finishing, and to excavate or trench with accurate sectioning on hard and compacted materials like rocks, concrete and asphalt. Can also be used in quarries for material cultivation. 

 Crushing - excavators 

With rotor system Crusher Buckets for excavators waste materials can be reused on site with no additional cost.


Fixed section Trenching 

Simex Trenching Wheels are ideal for small Fixed-Section Trenching.


 Simex Swinging planer rotator  CT CompactionWheel Skid 250x250px  Simex CrusherBucket for Skids 250x250px  Simex AspFloat action

Inclined Milling and Cutting

Simex Swinging Planers provide safe Horizontal, Vertical or Inclined milling and cutting.

Compact Trenches

Firm, even and extremely compact trenches will be achieved with Simex Vibrating Compaction Wheels.

 Crushing - skid steers

Simex Crusher Buckets for skid steers are perfect for sites where space is limited.

Asphalt laying

Final asphalt laying is easy with fast and economical Simex Asphalt Floats.