Simex innovations help you work faster and safer

Simex range of innovative equipment allows you to work more efficiently, faster and most importantly, safer. Whether the job is road maintenance, trenching, construction of underground utilities, tunnel excavation, quarrying or profiling Simex has a solution. See the range of Simex attachments below and download the new products brochure.

 Simex Planer rotator  Simex Rotary Cutter rotator  Simex Crusher bucket rotator  Simex Asphalt Float rotator

Milling and Stabilising

Simex Planers are designed for milling and stabilising asphalt or concrete. The waste material can be recycled on site reducing the impact on the environment.

Simex Swinging Planers provide safe Horizontal, Vertical or Inclined milling and cutting.

Trenching, Quarries and Tunnels

Simex Rotary Cutters are ideal attachment for tunnelling and finishing, and to excavate or trench with accurate sectioning on hard and compacted materials like rocks, concrete and asphalt. Rotary Cutters can also be used in quarries for material cultivation. 


With rotor system Crusher Buckets for excavators waste materials can be reused on site with no additional cost.

Simex Crusher Buckets for skid steers are perfect for sites where space is limited.

Asphalt Laying, Fixed section and compact trenching

Final asphalt laying is easy with fast and economical Simex Asphalt Floats.

Simex Wheel Excavators are ideal for small Fixed-Section Trenching, and firm, even and extremely compact trenches will be achieved with Simex Vibrating Compaction Wheels

Click the photos below to view Simex solutions for different applications

Two functions - One machine for stabilising and milling applications

Stabilising: SIMEX PL High depth planers are perfect for stabilising and rehabilitating existing worn and damaged roads and streets.  SIMEX Stabilisers can pulverise, crush and mix road base with additives such as lime, cement, fly ash or other binding agents up to a depth of 350mm. This process strengthens and improves roadbase in preparation for the application of new wearing road surfaces.

Simex Stabiliser’s compact design makes it perfect for minor road rectification and restricted area works providing an excellent solution for Councils, Contractors and Maintenance Teams.  

Milling Applications: Whether your application is scarification of urban surfaces, asphalt milling, potholes or asphalt potholes repair Simex PL Self Levelling Planers keep the milling depth constant in all conditions and ensure:

  • perfect levelling of planed surfaces as there are no height differences with side-by-side milling
  • perfect planer grip in the presence of uneven grounds, pavements, rises and bumps and sloping surfaces.

You can fit the Simex Self Levelling Planers onto skid steer loaders, hydrostatic drive loaders and backhoe loaders. With the option of using multi tooth special drums you can remove horizontal road markings, perform road scarifying or take off the top few millimetres of a concrete or asphalt surface.

Hydraulic piston motors with direct cutter drum drive ensure high performance and patented design of lateral support slides guarantees maximum stability and minimal material spill outs. The spill out material from asphalt milling can be recycled reducing the impact that resurfacing has on the environment. Maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum since only requirement is the replacement of worn teeth.

Self Levelling Planers are available in a range of models that reach a maximum width of 1,200 mm and depth of 350 mm. Download the product features and specifications brochures:

SimexStabilizerRotatorVideo SimexPlanerrotatorVideo

Simex TF Rotary Cutters (Twin Headers) make an impact on hard surfaces

When conventional digging systems are too weak and percussion tools have little effect choose Simex Rotaty Cutters that are designed for trench work in hard and compacted ground, for concrete and rock wall profiling, dredging, demolition and quarry work.

Rotary Cutter heads give excellent results for certain types of fixed-section trenching when excavating hard and rocky materials, as well as for mining and tunneling applications. Rotary Cutters come with models to suit 1.5 - 70 metric tonne excavators and can be used in quarries with a variety of rock, including limestone, gypsum or schist with rocks having a hardness of up to 85 mPa.

Rotary Cutters are ideal for vibration sensitive works as they produce very little vibration compared to an impact tool i.e. rockbreaker.  With different cutter drum options and tools with different features Rotary Cutters are suitable a range of job types and various materials requiring milling.

The patented design of direct drive, high displacement hydraulic piston motor ensures high performance and low speed/high torque without a need of reduction gear box.

Download the product features and specifications brochure:


Simex ST Asphalt Floats does the work quicker and cleaner

When your application requires laying asphalt on small surfaces such as footpaths and utility trenches or levelling the shoulder of roads, Simex Asphalt Float is your choice. Simex Asphalt Floats have a maximum paving width of 1.70 metres and depending on the model, they can extend laterally up to 1.02 or 1.62 metres outside the wheel. Whatever the application Simex Asphalt Floats save both time and costs yet provide excellent quality of the final result.

An innovative design ensures the ease of use making the work quicker, cleaner and more consistent than when done manually as asphalt is simply placed on the ground in front of the Float and spread from there. Mechanically adjusted "Scraper blade" allows for setting and adjusting the final compacting material thickness.

Asphalt Floats suit skid steer loaders, as well as backhoe loaders and front-end loaders with a max width of 1600mm.

Download the product features and specifications brochure:


Simex CBE Crusher Buckets (Excavator) turn waste into usable material

Turn crushable waste material such as bricks, concrete, glass, reinforced concrete, natural aggregates, tiles, asphalt slabs into usable material on your construction/demolition site. The Simex CBE range of crusher buckets are easy to use and the crushed material can be discharged in suitable location on site or directly into the back of a waste disposal truck.

With Simex CBE crusher buckets you can efficiently reduce the volume of mixed materials and reinforced concrete because its rotor crushing design can also process sticky materials such as clay, wood, humid or wet products and plastic. Crushing teeth are easy to change to produce the crushed material in different-sized pieces: 0-50/100mm (parts for special sizes available on request).

Simex CBE crusher buckets are easy to manoeuvre, even in small and confined worksites and the mountable crusher bucket models are available for excavators and backhoe loaders of 7 - 55 tonnes.

Simex CB Crusher Buckets (Skid Steer) provide productivity in confined space

Simex CB range of crusher buckets can also be mounted on skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, compact track loaders and larger models on wheel loaders, and telescopic handlers. These crusher buckets are extremely efficient for crushing materials such as bricks, tiles, glass, reinforced concrete, natural aggregates (e.g., limestone and sandstone) and asphalt slabs. Due to the rotor design, Simex CB crusher buckets guarantee excellent productivity even when material is wet and mixed with clay, pieces of wood or deformable materials.

Perfect for sites where space is limited.

Download the product features and specifications brochures:



Simex CT Vibrating Compaction Wheels for firm and compact trenches

When your application is to compact the bottom of trenches Sinmex CT vibrating compaction wheels offer the ideal solution. With Simex Compaction wheels a firm, even and extremely compact bed will be achieved that is essential for the durability of the trench preventing the road surface from giving way and therefore offering maximum road traffic safety.

Compaction wheels are available in different wheel widths that are quick and easy to change. With the ability to change the wheel pads you can compact drenches of different widths from 200mm  to 400mm.

Compaction wheels have been designed to work the wheel in central position or for working in full offset position allowing the prime mover run alongside the trench. Reverse rotation vibrating twin shaft located in the centre of the wheel ensures the maximum compacting power and excellent vibration damping

Suitable for skid steer loaders, as well as backhoe loaders and other loaders (whether hydrostatic drive or not).

Download the product features and specifications brochures:



Simex PLB Swinging Planers for safe horizontal, vertical or inclined milling and cutting

Strong protective structure of Swinging Planers prevent material from being thrown forwards ensuring safe operation on any surface either horizontal, vertical or inclined – even when working on overhead surfaces.

Simex’s swinging planers will maintain a constant milling depth, are easy to handle and have superb holding on the surface being milled. With low maintenance cost and great versatility Swing Planers are efficient solution for levelling and finishing concrete walls of various types and are ideal for removing damaged layers of concrete or for creating a gripping surface.

Direct drive hydraulic piston motors ensure high performance and low maintenance costs. swinging planers are available in a range of models that reach a maximum width of 600 mm and depth of 150 mm.

Download the product features and specifications brochure:


Simex T Wheel Saws for fixed-section trenching, cutting and microtrenching

When your application requires small fixed-section trenching i.e. for the laying of utilities up to a maximum depth of 800mm and width of 30-250 mmon asphalt, concrete and rock Simex T wheel excavators are your solution.

With high level of visibility, wheel protection at all depths and hydraulic piston motors with direct wheel drive provide you with safety and high performance for the works requiring cutting small sections of trenches on hard or compacted surfaces.

Wheels are available in different widths making the Wheel Excavators versatile and to meet requirements of many different fixed-section trenching. The range of Simex T wheel excavators can be used with skid steer loaders as well as backhoe loaders or compact track loaders.

Download the product features and specifications brochures:



For more information call us on 1300 921 498.

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