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TRS - New ShoulderMaster Dealer In WA

Stabilcorp is expanding its presence in Australia.

Stabilcorp is expanding its presence in Australia and has appointed Total Rockbreaking Solutions (TRS) as its new authorised dealer in Western Australia for ShoulderMaster range of universal skid steer paver attachments that are designed specifically for the purposes of rehabilitating and widening the shoulders of roads.

Australian designed and manufactured ShoulderMaster was unveiled for the first time in NSW at the 2015 Civenex Expo in Sydney and received an award by the Institute of Public Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) for innovation, increasing the safety of roads in known black spot areas throughout Australia by repairing road shoulder edge breaks and widening narrow roads quickly and efficiently.

Compared to traditional methods, the ShoulderMaster is up to 67% more cost effective solution for road shoulder repairs and widening as The ShoulderMaster completes the job in a third of the time by laying on average 250m of road shoulder repairs per hour, at 1m wide x 150mm deep.

Disruptions to traffic and mess is minimised as only the damaged area of road is excavated and the ShoulderMaster provides a neat edge and smooth surface in one pass.

The ShoulderMaster has been awarded and nominated for several awards:

  • Special Commendation for Innovation, Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia, CIVENEX, May 2015
  • Encouragement Award, Australian Road Safety Awards 2015, presented by Caltex
  • Nominee, Australian Innovation Challenge Awards 2015, sponsored by The Australian
  • Nominee, Product Innovation Award 2015, Earthmover and Civil Contractor Awards
ShoulderMaster widening the road shoulder

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